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What to do?

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I hope this is the right place for this.

OK About 3hours ago Me and Robert were crossing a rail road and just as were got over the arails Robert slams on his breaks. I look around to see why he did it and what do I see. Two what lookd to be 8 week or less old kittens in the middler of the road running back to the right of the roads shoulder, I then seen a anouther cat and thought imediatly to be the mother on the left side of the road.

She was tryn to lead them across the road but failed. We went around the train track several times through there hoping the mom had gotten the babies back, but only seen here at the union Train staion ( across the road)where the drivers change. I did go and search around the tracks making sure they didnt hide there since the trains stop there over 80% of the time.

Should I keep going by and seeing if she is there with her kittens or just leave them be?

To think of it really i've seen the mother so many times by the station. She didnt have no collar and look dingy. It is rainning here and is very cold and Im so worried about the kittens.

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Ashley you don't need any more mouths to feed. Mom will find her kittens once she is left alone to do so.
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It sounds like mama kitty has found a better place to move her kittens to. I'm sure that she won't give up trying to find her babies. If you have time, you could go back there and do re-con & see what you find out. Most likely, the family will have been moved, probably further away from the tracks. If you go back, please let us know what you find out! Good luck on your mission, Susan
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Maybe you should tell a rescue group about this mom and kittens. That way they can get mom fixed and get the kittens placed.

You must really have a lot of cats if MA is telling you you have enough.

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Sorry for the delay in replying. I have been busy latly.

I went back adn the mother was gone. I guess she did move them now. I always keep an eye out for her and her babies.

BUT I did save a life today. I rescued a young adult male cat today out by my sisters house. He is very thin and has an awful gum infection which will be taken care of at the vet the monday. I dounbt anycat could have it as bad as he does. He was once owned since he is very kind and loving and knows the litter box.

He has a classic tabby mark on him and is light grey with a white patch on him.I will post a photo of him as soon as he has a bath. he smells like a dead animal. I think he was eating dead animals to survive.

I will have him fixed and back to health and see if he will like to go back to the old place he use to live(I doubt it he likes to play fight under the door with the cats). I didnt allow my cats to see or smeel him as we brought the carrier in. He has a litter box i bought today adn he has food and water. I just gotta buy anouther box for him. He is being called Jake for now.

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Way to go Ashley!!! What a wonderful thing you did to rescue this poor kitty! Bad gums and teeth can be very painful, so it's great that you're getting him to the vet as soon as you can.

You mentioned possibly taking him back "to the old place he used to live" - but it doesn't sound like there is anyone there to take care of him (unless your sister will?).
I hope you'll be able to keep him - he sounds like a sweetie and he will always have a special bond with you because you saved him.

I'm glad you're keeping an eye out for the momcat & kittens you saw a while back, too. Poor babies.

Congratulations on saving another life!!!
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I posted his hoto in the Fur pictures. Called "I'd like to introduce Jake"

I called him Jake. First was tomas and it didnt sound right. He is following me every where when I put up our cats to go to sleep.
People feed the strays a diet of leftovers and cat food.

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