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Antirobe Aquadrops

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Hi everyone, new guy here...

Does anyone have experience giving their cats Antirobe Aquadrops? My 11-ish year old diabetic cat, Simon, is going in for some dental work next Thursday, and the vet perscribed 1ml of this stuff twice a day starting tomorrow morning. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to make this process go a little easier? Simon and I don't have a good working relationship when it comes to putting pills or other medications in his mouth (food, treats, or anything else for that matter), so I'm a little worried about this, especially since I read that Antirobe is truly foul-tasting. Any ideas about how to make this whole process go a little easier on both of us?

Daniel & Simon <--- me tomorrow!
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Nope, just give it to the cat slowly and don't make a big deal out of it.
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Picking simon up and putting him on a surface that he normally doesn't go on (such as a counter) can help because he is unfamiliar territory (and if it makes him afraid to get on the counter, or kitchen table it is not neccesarily a bad thing). also using a towel or small blanket, you can wrap up is body with just his head sticking out (make a kitty burrito) can help make things easier.
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Antirobe is actually one of the easiest ones to give to mine. I always thought it was pretty tasteless since mine react to it far less than some of the other medicines.

For my old girl Shep (who is on it from time to time due to her chronic mouth problems), I give it to her right before her canned food feedings. I will put the bowl down in front of her, let her take a bite or 2, then simply come up from behind, lift her lip on one side and squirt it in. She doesn't even skip a bite of food when done this way.

My vet claims that it is one of the best for oral problems. Be brave and just do it!!
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Hi everyone, thanks for the replies and suggestions...especially about making a kitty burrito! That's actually not a bad idea, and is crazy enough that it might just work! :-) Although, have you ever tried to hoist up a 22 lb. burrito?

I did find some other tips online for dealing with the bad taste of Antirobe
A. Refrigerating it helps dull the bitterness
B. Add a tiny bit of liquid vitamin c to the dropper

I just hope I make it out alive...
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Sturgis, who weighs a whole 7 pounds, is absolutely awful to give antibiotics to. I have tried perfecting the kitty burrito with him, but als he can always wiggle out.
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I use the washing machine as the surface to give pills and meds. I scruff the kitty and brace her with my elbow and body and give the meds. I have never had a problem with drops- and I use the pill gun for pills. You can also use that spray cheese in a can. Put a little on the tip of your finger and get her to raise her head than put the meds in and then give her the cheese. Hey if I can medicate ferals, you can give your cat his meds-
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Originally Posted by hissy
I use the pill gun for pills
Hissy, what is this miraculous device of which you speak, and why have I never heard of it, LOL?!
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The drops went well this morning, even though I wasn't awake enough to try the kitty burrito. I thought for sure I'd be on my way to the Fancy Feast cannery for "processing" by now, but so far so good. OK, I'm off to Starbucks.
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