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Hi all. I just registered and I'm so glad to be here. I was told about this site from a very good friend and I'm sure I know some of you from back east. I show and judge cats and also place retired racing greyhounds in forever homes. Yes, greyhounds can and do live with cats.

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Hooray, Fran is here! I told her she had to join this site because she is a wonderful source of information both as a breeder and as a knowledgeable cat person. Fran is my friend and I encourage everyone to pick her brain as to behavior, genetics and all around good cat care. Fran loves her cats as we do and she rescues dogs too! WELCOME FRAN. Say hi to Sandie and Donna too.
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I am glad Rene told you about this site!! I am sure you are going to bring some laughs along with lots of knowledge!!
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Hey Fran...would you e mail me your e mail address. Ken has it and I don't. I would like to ask you something about March and Ken can't know!!!
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Welcome to the catsite Fran. I know you'll enjoy being here.
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Welcome Fran! Glad you have joined!!
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Hi Fran and Welcome!

Sorry we missed you at our cat show last month. Look forward to seeing you in PA next month AND to seeing Merlin!

Donna (Mommie to Marina Mar and MooShoo and also the Helping Paws Public Relations Diva)
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My new kitten (uh, I mean Clint's new kitten)is not named after a wizard, but after fine wine - His name is Merlot! And I can't wait for our Pennsylvania show - any Pennsylvania members out there that might want to come and meet us at the AACE show in King of Prussia Pennsylvania the second weekend of March? You can all meet my new Abysinnian kitten Merlot and my new oriental kitten, Saki!
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Atually Rene, the show is really in Fort Washington, PA. It's right near King of Prussia. It's a wonderful PetExpo and should be lots of fun. We had our show there last year and we were asked back because so many peopole enjoyed themselves.

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Hi Fran and welcome! I'm really glad to see you here! Boy, am I glad Sandie saw my post at that Munchkin forum!
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Sorry Rene, I meant Merlot.
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