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Little Buddy

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The third of the Goldie's litter was trapped by the old "hissy grab" and brought into the house tonight. Buddy is a little orange fur ball - and sweet as the dickens. Needs meds and a warm house for a few days, lots of food and loving and then off for adoption. ( the part I hate )
Any takers?
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I love Orange kitties! They are the BEST! Debra you crack me up with your reference to the "Hissy Grab!" LOL
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I love orange kitties too, unfortunately I'm at 7 and holding. Good luck finding him a home. I know it won't be easy for you to give him up.

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But Hissy..I think of you EVERY time I do this!
I could meet you 1/2 with him!
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But 22 is enough for now. But if I happen to hit the lottery, I'll take you up on that road trip!
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Hey Sweets :angel2::daisy:
Seems like everyone's in love with orange tabbies...as it should be :laughing2
I'd love to have that little orange fur ball! Darn, just had three new babies come into my home and what a crew! :laughing2 I wish I lived closer Deb...what's one more! :laughing2....I'm scoping out the papers until I reach ten...that'll be my limit for this year (didn't mention next year...:laughing2

I have all boys except for my little Ninya. I wonder if I should just keep it this way? Well, Deb, I have to hand it to ya, you sure are pickin, cleanin', fattening them up for adoption so fast I can't keep up with ya... to you!!! You're the best!

Love ya,
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YEY DEB!!! another furball saved!! Yipeeee!! Would you meet me 1/2 way from England?!!:laughing:
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All I have to do is win the lottery tonight - then I can world travel with my fur balls! We could have a kitty-kat convention aboard the Queen Mary and travel to all the kitty lands.....oops, rambling again about my dreams.....
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I have been wanting an orange furbaby for soooooooo long! My first cat when I was little was orange, and haven't had one since. I even have a name picked out...Milo, although Buddy is good.
I wish I lived closer...I would take him in a heartbeat!!!
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I think he may be staying....but DON"T tell my hubby yet! He is waning on this one too! YIPPEE SKIPPEE........
I took Buddy to meet a groomer the other day as she said she was looking for a kitten - but he didn't have long enough fur for her.
Mike thought that was terrible and hasn't mentioned him leaving again!!
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Yippee!! That's great Deb!!! :laughing2

Give Mike a huge hug from all my kitties and say Mrrrrreank you! :laughing2....:LOL: :LOL:

Love Always, You're such a good woman!!!! What a great guy too!!!

Here's a couple of bribary photos!!! :laughing2:laughing2:laughing2
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Ooooooh, Catarina, that's just not fair at all!!!! Now my mind is spinning on how to get a #3 into the house without my wife opening up my "position"...

(pouting and scheming and laughing)
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Heeeheee, heehee!!!
Ooooooo...I guess I do Whooops :laughing2::LOL:

Love & Bribes,
Cat :laughing2
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Hey Bill - there are 3 more out on my porch waiting for the old grab! Penn. is not too far away - I could meet you 1/2 way! Just don;t tell the wife!

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Hey I am going to PA in March
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Its a conspiracy I tell you! Sandie, Deb and Cat are trying to get me kicked out of my house!:paranoid2

Although, if one of you could covertly leave one on our doorstep/porch, I think I'd have an easier sell to the Mrs. She's a sucker for helpless innocents.

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Just a little whisper in your ear Bill......."DO IT!! DO IT!! DO IT!!! you know you want to get another kitty....you know you want to..." :laughing: Yes this is your conscience talking....do it Bill...get a kitty......wooooo....
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My doorstoop !!!!!!!
Come on Bill - my porch is a magnet for the helpless innocents! I could use another to share with!

= good conscience..........
= well you know...........
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Bill, do what I did one time...just go to the store and come home and tell your wife that you found this poor little baby! You wouldn't be lying. You will've gone to somewhere to find him/her! Like Rhea and Debra, I'm giving you some great ideas!!! :laughing2 Even though they are a little :laughing2

Love & Peace!
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I say go for it Bill! She will fall in love with it as soon as you bring it home!
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