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I'm a big sis!

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Being the only girl in my family I always wondered what it would be like to have sisters.
Well I have been using a football site for years, and I am a chatroom ( I didn't at first type catroom! ) operator there, there are a mixture of ages who use it. Some of the kids were quite young when I first joined, and over the years seen them become young ladies and gents and i'll always give them advice if asked...One of the girls has had alot of problems, mum and dad split, mum is an alcoholic, she has had to even kinda raise her own sister on top of all her schooling, she was also abused by mums ex, yet this girl is a joy, she's so kind, caring and is an all round sunny girl...always helps out the new guys...but sometimes she has to unburden, and it's me she turns to for every problem. We did meet up at a footy match(her team played mine) and she met my daughter too, she was with her uncle and she's a lovely kid.

Yesterday she told me she loves me, and would of killed herself if I hadn't of been there for her through the past few years, she also told me I am her big sister and she'll always look up to me, and was that ok to call me sis!
Ok! I was in tears! That someone could think of me as being part of her ' family ' and to be a sister (something i'd always wanted) I felt really chuffed, she's 17 and so mature...and I know no matter what life throws at her now ' big sis' will always be there to help her through it. I know this might not seem a big deal....but I thought it was really lovely and I was touched.

Now I'm going to make her mad by telling her she really should be revising instead of going out tonight!
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Can't ask for a higher compliment than that. How wonderful that she told you.
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aw that is beautiful!
i wish i had a big sis or any siblings at all.
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plus the added bonus is this new sibling comes ready grown so no nappies to change!

seriously, congratulations. you did a wonderful thing.
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Wonder if she'll share her make up and clothes though
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if she's anything like my 17 yr old sis sharing isnt a concept. taking however is a whole other matter...
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Oh Ashleigh - this does seem like such a big deal. How wonderful that you could be there for her and have developed such a wonderful relationship. What a heartwarming story .

As for sharing make-up and clothes - I do lots of sharing with my 18 year old daughter, but like Maverick_Kitten says it seems to be rather a one-way concept! Mind you, that's because I couldn't get into daughter's clothes!!!
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thats really sweet.
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How sweet! I'm glad you both have one another.
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Aww, Ashleigh... That's so sweet... I know how you feel because I dont have an real siblings either but when I was growing up I became really close to the family that lived across the street from me and our families just linked... Now, I have a sister and 2 brothers that mean the world to me... It's a very special bond... I'm so happy for you!
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Oh that is sweet!
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