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In memory

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Just wanted to share a picture of 2 special cats we used to have, Gizmo (black and white) and Cassie (black).

They were litter mates, born in 1985, Cassie lived till she was 8, Gizmo till he was 16. He was the softest most gentle cat you could ever want, you could hold on to his tail, and he's just stand there, as if to say "when you're quite finished". His sister was vertually my daughters baby.

She was heartbroken when she died.

I thought others might like to use this thread to share memories of those you've loved and lost.
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awww the are beautiful
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Aww they are indeed beautiful, Thanks for sharing x
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They are beautiful!
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I am so sorry for all of your losses. What lovely animals!
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Beautiful cats.
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such sweeties
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oh, they are beautiful--so sorry for your losses..
I really like the pic with your daugher-we lost my "baby" when I was 10 and I said I never wanted another animal, just to mourn her forever. Glad I changed my mind, but man, did I love that cat. Your pictures bring back memories...thanks
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I'm sorry for your lost but I do want to Thank you for sharing those beautiful babies with us.
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Here is mine.
her name was sneaky.
when she was about 3 months old something happened to her so i healed her. She lived untill 2 years old and she died

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I'm sorry for your loss, they were both beautiful.
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Oh they were darling!
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Originally Posted by fwan
Here is mine.
her name was sneaky.
when she was about 3 months old something happened to her so i healed her. She lived untill 2 years old and she died
That's sad, when they die so young.
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I found this litte sick and bleeding tom cat in my garage in 1980. I never had a cat before only dogs. I took him in and my dog and Kitty (Puff) got along right away. He healed well and of course got fixed and became an inside cat. Puff-Kitty died in 97.

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awwww friends, what a lovely homenage for you furr friends... I`ll send you a big hug from Mèxico...
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On the day of my boyfriend's surprise party in September of 2003, my roommate brought in a sickly kitten and begged me to keep it. So I did and he was dubbed Thor. We got him cleaned up, fixed up, and in good health, but I only was able to have him until late March of 2004. He ran out of my apartment and into the woods one day when he got spooked late at night. I spent months searching for him and notifying people in the area, but he never came back. I don't know if he's gone over the bridge, but I do know that he at least had a fighting chance of survival this time. I miss him terribly. Here he is:

I don't have pics online of my other babies I had growing up. We had Oliver who died a tragic death and Pussywillow who lived to be the ripe age of 22. It still makes me sad thinking of them. They were all great companions though.
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