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I saw my ragdoll kitten yesterday!

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Hello Everyone,

Just to let you all know I got to see my little boy yesterday (friday) and he was adoreable, he is already starting to get even more colour on him and he is just so lovely and cute. We took some pictures so as soon as there developed I promise you'll be the first to see

As some of you may know we were trying to think of some names for him and as soon as we saw him we just knew what we were going to call him. His name is: ARCHER and it suits him so well.

The breeder and her husband were so lovely and I got to spend a few hours there with my little boy, his brothers and sisters, his mom, dad and all the other gorgeous ragdoll cats and kittens. I had the best time as I am such a huge fan of cats and since seeing all those ragdolls I have a feeling I'll be a big fan of them too.

D (my fiance) and I are so very happy and I can't wait till I can pick him up and take him home. I hated leaving him and cried a lot. I just hope these next 4 weeks fly by because I miss my baby so much.

I best go as I am still recoevring from yesterday. As some of you may know I am serverly ill so going out is very hard for me and it can take me quite a while to recover so right now I am not feeling my best at all.

Sorry I've not been around for you all much at the moment, I have just been so ill its been restricting me from doing more and more.

Love and hugs

Eva xxx
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Eva - you rest up chick!

We must have been posting at the same time - I just posted in the other thread you started about Archer asking if there was any news

I'm so glad the visit was a success and that you will be bringing Archer home soon. Can't wait to see the pictures
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Awwww this is brilliant!!, i can't wait to see him!

I've sent you a pm Eva for your address because i got your collars for Archer!!
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I am sure Archer will just love his new collar, I got your pm and have just replied!
I just can't wait to get my little boy home as I am missing him so very much!
Love Eva x
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I'm so excited for you, Eva, oh, your heart must just be overflowing!Little Archer will be home with you in no time at all! Until then, rest up and take care of his Mommy! Feel better soon!
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Hi, At the moment I am really worried and sitting here in tears. I have been keeping in contact with the breeder through email and had emailed her when i got home from hers. I just said that we got home ok, thanks that kind of thing and then said I was off to bed because I was exhausted.

She knows I am disabled and ill and thats never been a problem for her but I am now scared it is after recieveing an email from her. She said she is worried that I am too ill to give archer all he needs and is not sure whether I would be strong enough to cope with him. I have emailed her back saying I'll be fine and I am feeling better now anyway. And the fact i found the Journey a little harder because I was so excited the night before I couldn't sleep.

I am so scared she'll change her mind and say we can't have him. I am sitting here in tears so upset and waiting by the computer to hear back from her. I am all alone as D is working and I am so worried she'll now say no. Its not fair because yes I am poorly but I am fine to look after anmother cat. i handle mine fine and play with them lots, I give them everything they need and lots of attention and archer wouldn't be any different. Anything he wants I will give him...

Thanks for listening, i just need to have a little ramble!

Eva x
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Just got a email reciept saying she has read it so all I am doing is waiting for a reply. I do hope it will be ok cause I can't bare to loose him...not now
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Oh no. I hope she realizes you CAN take care of little Archer! Good luck!
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Oh Eva I really hope it works out for, I know how much you love this little boy already

Take care xx
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Thank you, still not heard anything back and haven't been able to stop crying and feeling numb and worried. But D will be home soon and he is going to ring her and try and reasure her. Because I know I will have no problems and will be at home all day everyday so he will never get lonely and get plenty of attention.

Will keep you updated, thanks for the hugs...I really need them right now!

Eva *quiet with tears*
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Oh, Eva, this must feel so suddenly devastating for you.She just must understand that you are able to give Archer the love and care he needs and deserves! I hope you hear from her very soon!
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D rang her when he got home and resured her I'd be fine and that we'll both be fine looking after him and giving him a very loving home. Luckly after speaking to D she feels resured so all should be fine. It was the hardest few hours going through the fact that i may of lost him all because I am ill. But as I said she seems fine now so i hope it will stay that way!

We have decided we may either be calling our little boy Archer or Huggie Bear (huggie for short). You see we saw the cutest male kitty waiting to go home and they had named him huggie and it suited him so well. And then we kinda liked the name so i think when we have our little boy home we can truely decide if he is a Huggie or an Archer!

Thanks for all your support, I needed it to so much. I will just be glad to get him home so I know nothing else will go wrong.

Eva x
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I like the name Huggie, I had a kitty called Huggie Bear once!
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Us too, its growing on us even more so there is a chance our little boy will be named Huggie Bear, well we'll call him Huggie for short.

Sorry to hear Huggie bear is no longer with you *offers you a hug*

Love Eva x
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I think the fact that you will be home with him all day should reassure her, and that your fiance will be there for any emergencies and financial needs is even more reassuring. Also, it is obvious that you will love this little boy to pieces and give him a wonderful home. If I were a breeder, I wouldn't have any qualms about sending one of my kittens home with you. I'm glad your fiance was able to set her straight, and that she is OK about letting you have him.

It's good to know that she's a caring breeder and only wants the best for her kittens, though. That should reassure you, that you are getting a kitten from someone who is not just in it for the money.

I can't wait to see pictures of your beautiful boy. How long before you can bring him home?
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Eva just say if you want me to speak to the breeder as well because i can tell her all about TCS and how we all have contact with you every day?!.
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Thank you everyone, the support means so much and I am so glad she seems ok with me taking him home now. I am still worried she will change her mind so I will feel a lot better when I can bring him home. I am bringing him home on the 29th March and I am literally counting down the days!

Will keep you all updated and get some pics on here as soon as I can

Eva x
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Just read about your dilemma! Paws crossed no more issues! I am getting a new furry in a couple of weeks too and I can relate! With so many unloved cats around I can't see her not letting you get the raggy! My babies send big hugs!
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Originally Posted by dmcwlvssr
Just read about your dilemma! Paws crossed no more issues! I am getting a new furry in a couple of weeks too and I can relate! With so many unloved cats around I can't see her not letting you get the raggy! My babies send big hugs!
Ragdolls are pretty rare, so breeders can pretty much pick and chose who they want as the owners of their cats. Some breeders are very picky.
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Huggie Bear will fit him perfectly, Eva!
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Thank you for the hug!

Huggie Bear was a breeding cat of ours that we purchased from Australia, he had a rare condition called Water on The brain of course we didn't know this when we brought him, and as soon as he got to NZ he sired many litters for us sadly because of the condition he was carrying most of them faded off and died but the FEW that lived had to be desexed, my boy Elmo is one of Huggies. Huggie now lives with an elderley couple who are very good friends of ours!
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