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Tis a mighty pile of puke!

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Seems like someone else just had the same problem as me but unfortunately, i can't get him to the vet. I can't get within 3 feet of him without him running away. So how am i going to get him into the carrier?
Well...there isn't anything that he could have eatten that would have upset his stomach. He just puked a few hours ago. Maybe it was the water. I ran out of Aquafina bottled water so i gave him tap water. Could that be it? The puke is smooth, no chuncks in it. Looks like there are a few uneatten pieces sitting on top. So...he was still chewing when he threw up. I dunno...my first cat experience is already turning into a nightmare.

Suggestions? Please?
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Your cat came from a shelter, and has not been seen by a vet, am I correct? If that is so, he needs to be checked by a vet, because shelters harbor all sorts of illnesses etc.. For your own piece of mind, a vet that you choose would be best for you to go to.

He is more than likely scared, overwhelmed, you could be feeding him food he is not used to, or you could be feeding to much of it. The problem with cats vomiting is they lose fluid so quickly and become dehydrated, which can lead quickly to expensive vet bills and illness.

If he keeps vomiting, I would take him in to the vet. Just put out your carrier in the room he is in, pile the inside high with soft bedding and keep the door to the carrier open. Sprinkle catnip inside, or something that will entice him to go in the carrier, also cover the carrier with a cloth, leaving enough room for him to sneak underneath it to go inside. As scared as he is, he will want to hide there, plus if he is sick, this is a good cave for him to go in and hide.

He could be not used to your water, he could be ill. Just because you think he is okay, doesn't mean that he is. If you notice him off in any way, not eating, not drinking, missing the litter pans, vomiting, drooling, or being lethargic, get him to the vet. But put the carrier in his room so he can get used to it. Chances are good he will crawl in it.

Don't be scared of him, they respond to our emotions and you will make him hiss at you if he senses you are afraid. He has to try and intimidate you, after all, look at how big you are compared to him!

Good luck-
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Have you recently got this cat?

If so he may just be really stressed out. We get alot of people where I work come back and say my cat has this and that. But it is just stress.

Going to the vets is the ideal thing to do, but you may also be able to treat him at home.

Pull his food for 24 hours and give him small amounts of water throughout the day, this should give his tummy a rest. If it does continue then please pleaase take him to the vet, it may be something to do with his throat etc and not his tummy.

Also if you don't already try and find as much information from where you got him, they may know something that they didn't want to tell you. You have the right to look at any old medical records that he may have, since this is now your cat.

Good Luck

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