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Goldie - again !

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My feral mom Goldie continues to 'live here'. I have caught three out of the 6 in this litter and I estimate their age to be 10 weeks. We're going into winter and I am wondering...do ferals get pregnant again this time of year? or do they just 'wait' for Spring. I am going to trap her after I catch this litter (if I can) and get her spayed - but am concerned about a possible pregnancy before I can do this.
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Anything is possible. Don't wait till the next litter. Trap and fix her NOW.

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Thanks Donna - I will try to trap her this week - I was hoping to get the rest of the kittens first - but am terribly afraid of another litter. Goldie is a cagy one - might take a while!
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Moni - she is still NOT trapped. Sneaky little devil. My cat-friend is coming over Monday to help me set the trap better. Little Buddy (one from this litter)is going to meet a prosepctive family today. I caught him a week ago and he needs to be placed. What a sweet little fur ball he is. Thak you for asking. When I trap Goldie - I hope to have a pic or two to share with you all.
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Buy a couple of cans of the cheapest sardines you can find, dribble a path in front of the cage, then dribble the rest of the oil behind the trigger far enough that she has to get her whole butt in to go after it. Hang a few sardines from the top of the cage dangling down and use long grasses not strings so when she scarfs everything down the grass won't hurt her. Good luck
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