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*shakes head* Unbelievable!!

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Such a stupid ingrate!!!
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This would infuriate me if it could be backed up~

I have a problem with the fact that the witness saw this happen but there were no injuries to the dog. That does not make sense.

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Sometime injuries aren't apparent to the naked eye. I hope the pup is ok!

This isn't the first such case I've heard of, Last year on the local news there was a blind guy arrested for beating his dog to death.

I just hope these people can never have another guide animal.
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Good grief!
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why do some people think that it is ok to do this to animals??? do they think they have no feelings or feel pain?
ive just havent got any words for this
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How awful!
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how bizarre. if its true he is a fool unto himself, they are hardly going to give him a new dog now which will mean a decreased quality of life for the man
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Apparently this guy didn't view the dog as something with feelings, he expected a perfect machine and when it didn't perform to his standards, he "lost it". He needs professional help to overcome his anger management problems.
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I'm sorry, he did what now???

Wow-I am glad there are no serious injuries to the dog..and certainly not to excuse what he did ... but I hope that this incident gets that man the help he clearly needs...
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