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Tryn to get a web page up on geocities

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Hi guys, pretty soon I will have a web site created about my animals.

I will also have links to animal pages on rescue, adopting, Caring for stray ferral and pets.

When the time comes I would love help on finding those links. I know you guys have a lot bookmarked. So when the time comes I believe I know to ask. YOU GUYS!
So wish me luck on this project(even though all my other sites have crashed and burned).

If you want ot post the link now you can. Just decribe what the site is for so I can Have a proper decription.

To the site/thread managers. Can I have a link placed on my site that comes here? THis place is the reason Im creating this web paeg even thouggh I cant afford a web hosting.

Ill aslo post a sample link so I can get input on the site. To those who don't know I cant match colors at all to save my life.

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Can I suggest you use a spell checker before it goes online? People tend to steer clear of websites with spelling and grammer errors. You can link to thecatsite if you wish, here is the page that tells you how-

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Thanks Hissy, I will love to use the blue banner image. I will do a spelling check and if some of you guys could check it out and make sure its not boring I'd love that too. Any help will do. Like I said , Im no pro on this and well Help does help. lol.

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I'd love to see your site, but can't find a link! Can you put it up so that I can have a look, please?

If you like, I can have a quick look through some of the books that I have on web design and give you the names - they help with colour and layout that is aesthetic and works for the net!
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i'd love to have a look at your site too, i'm sure loads of people here will post you alot of great links!
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THanks guys, Im not the type of person who does the HTML(I treid but failed at it, lol) thing so im going to find some old sites that has some graphics I can creat photos and wording for free.

I don't have a link up yet since well as I was finishing the first page (sample page really) My mom hit the plug in and un plugged the computer. So all my uploaded images I did during that sesson was never saved. . So Im gonna work on it some more. Im tryn to find a nice back ground but the one im using, I can't find any color or fill in color for the words to match really.
here was my back ground selection. IM probly gonna try to find more OR use my kids as a back ground some how.

OH Hissy I loved your web site, I doubt mine would even begin to compare of how wonderful it was put together. Beautiful knives.

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