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cat will not eat re-heated food??

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I have been giving Danielle the small wet canned food...cans.

Every time I try to divide it and give her half in the morning, and half in the evening, she does not want the evening portion, even though I heat it up.

Now I make sure it is moist, and room temperature, but she will not eat it. Is this common? Or do I have a finicky feline here?

I hate to waste a whole (little) can, as she only eats small amounts at once.

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Have you tried opening a new can at night? Maybe she just doesn't want any in the evening weather it's fresh or not. Of course you could just have a finicky cat If she's being picky, I think some of the pouches of wet food are resealable.
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Sandie, thanks

I give her some fresh wet food at morning and night. (with dry out during day and night) She loves it. It is a treat to her. But if I attempt to reheat it, she won't eat it.

I know this is how you save/use cans of food, i.e. refrigerate and reheat, but I wondered if the heating causes the taste or smell to change......
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Well, yes it changes, but usually for the good. If a cat has a cold or has a hard time smelling, it's best to warm it up so that they can smell it.
If you are using the same can of food within the day, I would find one of those food saver tops to keep anything out and keep it at room temperature until she has her dinner portion.
I tell you, there's nothing better than being trained by your kitty
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doesn't the food gather bacteria if left out? Suppose I don't give it to her exactly when it gets room temperature. I read somewhere you should not leave the wet food out for more than 1 1/2 hour.

Would you say.....maybe leave it out 2 hours before serving? Is that safe?

Thanks a lot.
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It is okay to leave it out as long as it is sealed really good. If you put it in the fridge all day, I am not sure if 2 hours would get it back to room temperature.
When I had to feed one of the cats wet food the vet told me to open the can and just take out the half I was using without mixing it up. If I was going to use the other half that evening, to seal it with a tight lid and it would be fine. She ate like that for 3 weeks, she's still okay, so I am assuming it was fine. I really don't know of any other way to keep it room temperature for her.
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Thanks Sandie...

I have not been able to find those plastic lids for the small cans, so I can use aluminum foil....secure it really tightly.
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Nothing works with my Loki once the can has been opened. Once I give him maybe 1/2 of a 3oz can for the AM treat I used to have to throw away the rest - I have not been able to get him to eat the remainer no matter what. Smart/finicky buggers aren't they? Now since my mother is feeding another stray I freeze the uneaten half and bring what ever I accumulate to her - the stray just gobbles it up. I feel better, everybody got a share of the "pie".
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Thanks everyone...

Tonight I tried refrigerating in the morning, and letting it get room temperature until this evening. She ate some, but not as much as usual. The little princess! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

I have another question.....do I ever stop??? :LOL:

How long can the dry food stay out. I leave it out all the time, but I change it morning and evening. Can one serving stay out 24 hours, or is it good to throw out what she did not eat and change it every 12 hours.... or does it matter?

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With the dry food, I leave mine out all the time. I just be sure not to refill in until its actually empty ( I figure if its empty for an hour or so it won't hurt them ). That way I know its not ever stale in the bowl. The schedule we use is I fill the bowl each morning ( after its empty ) and just refill the water throughout the day. If the food is getting low in the evening I'll put the fresh at the bottom and put the stuff that was in the bowl back on top. That way I know it gets eaten.
With 3 furbabies running around now, the bowl goes empty pretty often! And I give them one can of wet each evening ( split 3 ways ) and they love it!
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