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WOW! Where have all the kitties gone?

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Well, I have some really amazing news that lightened my day, I thought I might share..this afternoon we took my neice to the Humane Society to pick out a cat for her birthday, and to our amazement..there were none up for adoption!! There was 1 shelter cat who is blind, and a little of 3 kittens and their mother who were not yet old enough to be adopted out!!

Now she is upset that she can't have a kitten, so does anyone have any ideas of where to find one,other then our local shelter?
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WOW!!! That is the best news I have heard all day!
I am sure if you call the local animal control which many times is very different than the humane society-- they might help you if they are not tied directly to the place you went. Ours are separate out here. Also, not knowing if you're in the largest city in ND or what - Sioux Falls or? the local paper probably has a Lost/Found/Free section for kittens and puppies. In Seattle, that section is quiet large....
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that's great news - but I'm sure kitten season is swift upon us and sadly in a couple of weeks there'll be plenty.
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Sometimes you can find them in newspapers, RSPCA, And other animal shelters.
sometimes if youre lucky you will see advertisements on the streets for kittens
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Normally in our shelter, there are anywhere from 40 - 50 cats. I volunteer there quite a bit, and have never been there with less then 30. I have missed the last few months, because I have been very ill, and busy with finals and such, and coming there today to see 4 cats(mom and babies) I was so excited. I am sure with Christmas recently coming and going that is where the main surge came from, but I think it is awesome.
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Maybe she could agree to take one of the three that are there, and go regularly to the shelter to get to know it before adopting it. I don't know how experienced she is with cats, but that could also be a good way of learning to care for it before taking it home.
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Jennyransen has a really good idea! Then your niece would learn patience & the joy of having a goal. But if the wait would be too long, maybe you could check the bulletin boards at the feed stores, and maybe put up an index card yourself. I'm sure that there are some ranchers or farmers nearby that have a cat or two they'd be more than happy to get rid of. Or perhaps she could get a young cat now, to tide her over until the kittens are ready, & then 2 kitties would be rescued!!! Please let us know when she gets her kitty-cat; we'd love to tell her how happy we are for you all!
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I would check the local vets as well. Alot of people here post ads in vets to help assure that they get good homes. Sorry to hear that you have been so ill, hopefully you are 100 % now!
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