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Soft Stools

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I recently began switching my kitties from eating Purina Cat Chow (kitten chow for the little ones)to Iams. I've been adding a little Iams to the Cat chow increasing the amount over time. Today, two of my kitties, Loco( age 5 months) and Missy (8 weeks) had soft stool when they went to the litterbox. It wasn't diarrhea, just loosely formed. Usually their stool is firm and not as smelly as this soft stuff is. They are due to have their second round of worm pills in two days. Is the food change causing this? I know in the past when my outdoor cat had worms and was due for the second treatment a similar thing happened to him. This is only happening to two out of four of my cats- the two I suspect have worms. Advice?
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It could be one or the other or both. Switching foods will sometimes do this in the very beginning. Thier bodies are adjusting to something different. They are getting dewormed in 2 days, so I would just keep an eye on the cat box for the next week.
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Let me tell you something about Iams. In my experience the stuff makes kitten poo smell HORRIBLE (See my thread on this board "Why does kitten poo smell so bad" Don't know about the adult cat formula, but I certainly won't be buying it for Gus to find out!
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The 'poo problem' seems to be correcting itself. The kitties seem to be back to normal. I think it was more to do with worms than anything. They've had their last dose of medication. I have to say, since they've been eating Iams, their coats are so much more healthy looking. Loco was starting get the 'frizzies', his fur looked really dull and dry. Now he looks ten times better, and he is more perky than ever. My mom switched her cats to Iams recently as well with the same results. I think I'll stick with it, as the ingredients far surpass Purina's foods.
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I am glad the litter box is back to normal. It also sounds like you have a food that agrees with both of them. Not all cats tolerate the same things. I switched everyone to Nutro once and I had the worst litter box problems along with at least 4 of them vomit. There really is a difference when they eat food that has more of what they need. Because winter is coming, I am going to be adding more omega 3 fatty acids, the baseboard heaters suck all the moisture out of the house. Poor babies, everytime I go to pet them, we all get shocked..LOL
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