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Bachs Rescue Remedy???

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I have a question for you.
I need to know what Bachs is and where to get it, what side effects it has, why you use it,ummm,Oh yeah, is it good for a cat that is VERY scared of everyone and everything and is peeing on furniture?
I have friend that has a little black cat(she is the sweetest thing!) but when they got her, she was raised in a household that had no human contact with the litter, so the kittens were sort of feral and would run from humans.
My friend has had her at least a year now and this cat is INSANE! She is so scared of everything she will bolt if you even try to go near her. She is currently living with 2 other male cats but they don't ever do anything to upset her in the least, they are the most mellow male cats I have ever seen. She is so skittish that she will pee on beds, furniture, chairs, and I have no idea why. She is healthy and eats well,(at night when noone is awake). She is just nuts otherwise. My friend has had to resort to locking her in the basement because she doesn't want this cat to cause the other cats to start peeing on stuff. I'm psoitive this isn't a good situation for her and told my friend about Bachs, but I want to be sure that it is a good thing to give to her and that it'll help her.
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If she really is that upset, then I really don't think the Bach's is going to help. If she is healthy and it's a behavioral thing, she is probably peeing everywhere becuase something is upsetting her. Putting her in one single room is a good idea, as long as they spend enough time in the basement. I would have her talk to a vet or a behaviorist about a prescription. If she wants to try the Bachs, you can find it at most health stores such as GNC, there really are no side effects that I have heard of.
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They spend alot of time in the basement as it is their family room.
But the cat NEVER shows it's face (ok rarely) and when it does and sees someone, she'll run and hide so noone can find her.
They can't afford a behavoiral specialist since they just moved into a new house and have lots of house payments to make. No the move isn't the reason for her bad behavior either I'm afraid. She was like this at their apartment too. So the behavior hasn't changed or worsened, it has stayed the same.
What exactly will bachs do? will it mellow her out and help her become more friendly and not so scared?
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It has it's limitations since it is an all natural remedy, however it may be worth a shot. It works on most cats but not all. It seems to take the edge off. I have used it when I was working with feral kittens. It may take some time, but I would have her give it at least twice a day while working with her. I would have her work on trust by offering treats and such. It's sometimes hard to get these guys to come around when they are older. If this doesn't work, maybe she can at least talk to the vet about a prescription.
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