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Need "get well" vibes for 1 of my cats :(

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I am getting really frustrated and worried because Tango, one of my cats (recently adopted), has been having problems with his right eye. It started right after Christmas- his eye & eyelids became really swollen and RED and leaking. I have been taking him back and forth to my vet and trying various mediences but nothing seems to be helping. So far I have spent over $300 trying to get this resolved but...

I took him to my vet Monday and he said Tango now has UCLERS on his eye! He told me I must take him to an eye specialist since this is some kind of virus that WON'T GO AWAY. The problem is that every eye specialist I've called in my area has very LIMITED hours/days and most are booked till next wed!!!

I just don't know what to do and I feel so bad for Tango suffering with uclers. Please send me "get well" vibes for Tango and that I will be able to get him in to be seen SOONER before Tuesday!

I now have to give him 2 ointments 3 times a day and he really hates it so now whenever he sees me approaching him- he runs away!
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Sending lots of get well vibes to poor Tango. And "be patient with Mommy" vibes too. I do hope you will be able to get into a specialist sooner rather than later.

I'll move this to Health & Nutrition for you.
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OH poor, poor Tango. I really hope that the specialist (whenever you get to finally see them) can help your newly acquired baby, your a great meowmy to be willing to spend so much on little Tango,,we've all shelled out tons for vet bills, so we sympathize,,lol. Get better Tango,okay!!
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Oh bless him! I hope the days fly to get wednesday here for you both.

Sending (((((Painfree))))) vibes for the poor baby
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Did your vet isolate which virus it is? If it is herpes, you can try L-Lysine but you will have to discuss the dose with the vet - not all cats respond to it, but it does seem to help the severity and frequency of the outbreaks in some cats.

Sending healing vibes to you and poor little Tango.

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GET WELL TANGO! Sending good vibes to you and your meowmy!
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