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I agree, Heidi. It's a catch-22. This guy has had 24 arrests in 30 years. At what point to we just say 'can't be rehabilitated'? I personally believe it goes back to making prison a harsher and more undesirable place to be. Pitch out the tvs, gyms, sports teams, etc. How about a cell and some hard labor? Once again, the idea of prison time mostly serves to detract the law-abiding citizens. The habitual offenders take it in stride.

How about electronic monitoring for these sexual predators? It wouldn't kill me if Big Brother was watching them.
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Originally Posted by valanhb
Well, they did actually. This guy hadn't complied with the registering protocol of informing the state when he moved. But he was on the list because he hadn't complied.

This brings up the thing that I'm so torn about with this. On one hand, we know that sexual predators and particularly pedophiles, have a large rate of recidivism which is why we have the registration program. At the same time, once they have served their time, is it fair to them as individual citizens to basically shun them from every community they may live in? (I say this because a registered sexual offender was following the law and telling authorities where he would be temporarily living. The community held a town meeting type thing with the cops protesting that he was even going to be in this neighborhood, and they wanted him out.) Can we make communes for sexual offenders? No, that wouldn't work...but there's been so many cases of them repeating their crimes or not following the registration criteria and getting "lost" in the system. I'm just not sure how to balance individual rights with the potential danger to the community.
You really put that in a nutshell, Heidi. I like Deb's suggestion of electronic monitoring - implant a transponder that can be tracked with GPS, and see if it makes them behave.
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Does anyone have any news about the 3 others that knew about it and didn't say anything?
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There are actually 4 who appeared in court. Some have unrelated charges, like failure to pay child support, but a couple have obstruction of justice charges against them. My question is: do you not know that someone in your house has a prisoner locked in there? And does it not raise an eyebrow when suddenly a big pile of dirt is in your back yard?
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Originally Posted by Deb25
There are actually 4 who appeared in court. Some have unrelated charges, like failure to pay child support, but a couple have obstruction of justice charges against them. My question is: do you not know that someone in your house has a prisoner locked in there? And does it not raise an eyebrow when suddenly a big pile of dirt is in your back yard?
And while she was locked up, she was ALIVE, right?
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The 3 others who knew about this and didn't say anything are freaking drug addicted losers. Period. Just like John Crouey himself. They are wastes of human flesh, wasting the air others around us breathe.

The reason John Couey did this is because he's done it before, gotten away with it, with a mere slap on the wrist. Sentenced to 10 yrs but only served 2, in that one case. A time bomb just waiting to go off.

There might be people out there (sex offenders, robbers, druggies) who CAN be rehabilitated and no it's not fair to lump them all into guys like this. However 90% of the time you've got guys like this. Women, too. Look at the 3 who witnessed Jessica's murder. When I saw their faces on TV, I thought, good lord, they look like they're so strung out & haven't bathed in mnonths. They do not care about society because they aren't a part of society. They live in their own world. They live by their own rules. Law? Doesn't mean anything to them.

My daughter's father is a drug addict, he's been through rehab 8 times and jailed at least 6 times for robbery, ID theft, drug use and selling. He keeps on getting out with plea bargains & shock probation. Guess what? He's getting ready to go back to jail. Again. For people like him (And this Couey idiot) I think the only answer is just drop them into a hole somewhere and bury them. Just like they do with innocent kids.

My ex has never harmed a soul (Except for himself), however, I think if someone is strung out enough and doped up enough? They are capable of murder.

I hope Jessica's father gets his revenge, I can see it in his face and I've been watching this case like a hawk. It makes me sick, but being a mother of a lil girl myself, I want to see WAY stiffer punishment for people who rape & murder children.
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I just saw this. Too late for sweet Jessica, but IMO the law needs to be MUCH tougher on sexual offenders.
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Am I reading this right? At the end of this article it says Couey is pleading not guilty!
Report: Fla. lost track of hundreds of sex offenders

Associated Press

MIAMI - The state lost track of at least 1,800 of 30,000 sexual offenders in the month before a 9-year-old Homosassa girl was kidnapped, raped and murdered by a registered sexual offender, who has confessed, a newspaper reported today.

About 800 sexual offenders and predators unaccounted for in January had committed lewd acts against children, and about 130 had been sentenced for raping minors under 16, according to a review by The Miami Herald. Most of the remaining 870 had committed sexual crimes against adults or teenagers 16 and older.

Officials say John Evander Couey, 46, has admitted abducting Jessica Lunsford on Feb. 23 from her bedroom, raping and killing her. Couey wasn't listed as missing on the database because state officials were unaware he had moved and was staying near the Lunsfords.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement checks the whereabouts of sexual offenders once a year. Couey had last verified his address in July.

A Citrus County judge had issued a warrant for Couey's arrest Dec. 2 because he didn't report to his probation officer, but FDLE wasn't informed that a child sexual offender had absconded.

The database is intended to be a tool to alert residents of potentially dangerous people living in their neighborhoods and to help with criminal investigations.

"It is absolutely a partnership between the state, the community and local law enforcement agencies," said Mary Coffee, who supervises the department that maintains the registry. "The registry is not something that is going to eliminate all sex offenses."

Jessica's family is now pushing for closer monitoring of sexual predators.

"We can't do anything about Jessie's death now, but in the future we have to figure out a better way of knowing where these guys are," said Archie Lunsford, Jessica's grandfather.

Couey has pleaded not guilty and is being held without bail at Citrus County jail.
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Abducted Fla. Girl May Have Been Alive When Officers Questioned Suspect

POSTED: 4:50 am EDT April 8, 2005
UPDATED: 9:22 am EDT April 8, 2005

HOMOSASSA, Fla. -- A chronology offered by a registered sex offender who confessed to abducting and killing a 9-year-old neighbor indicates she may have been alive when officers initially visited the home where the man was staying, according to court documents.

Jessica Lunsford

John Evander "Couey's timeline of the events after he kidnapped Jessica Lunsford leaves open the possibility that she was alive and in the house at the time of the first and possibly the second interview," said the documents released Thursday.

Citrus County sheriff's deputies canvassed the girl's neighborhood after her father reported her missing from her bed Feb. 24 and made two stops at the home of Couey's half-sister. No suspicions were raised, but detectives say Couey later told them he was hiding in the house during the second interview.

Couey, 46, who pleaded not guilty to murder Wednesday, had been staying off and on at the mobile home visible about 150 yards from the girl's home.

He has denied "that anyone else in the house was aware that he had kidnapped the child or that she was being held in the house," according to court papers.

Sheriff Jeff Dawsy has said that Couey was in a "drug haze" during the abduction. The victim was sexually assaulted and buried near the mobile home.

Couey was arrested March 17 in Augusta, Ga., and his four Homosassa housemates were arrested the next day. Prosecutors did not pursue obstruction charges after concluding they lacked legal grounds to support charges based on the housemates' interviews during the prolonged search.

"Florida does not have a statute which makes it a crime to lie to a police officer in all situations, nor is there a law which requires a person to disclose the whereabouts of a registered sex offender," prosecutors wrote in a newly disclosed memo.

"I believe these individuals truly obstructed this agency's criminal investigation into Jessica's death," Dawsy said in a statement faxed Thursday to the St. Petersburg Times.

Couey was staying with his half-sister Dorothy Marie Dixon, her boyfriend Matthew Oley Dittrich, her daughter Madie Catherine Secord and her husband Gene Secord.

On the first stop, Dittrich gave his name but didn't say Couey was staying there because he knew Couey was wanted on a misdemeanor probation violation. On the second visit, investigators spoke to Dittrich and Dixon.

Jessica's father Mark Lunsford and Dawsy have traveled to Tallahassee to urge legislators to change state law to make it a felony to harbor a sex offender without notifying law enforcement. Other proposals would mandate life sentences or lifetime electronic monitoring for child molesters.

Watch Local 6 News for more on this story.
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Those "housemates" knew she was there. You can not hide a child in a trailer with 4 other adults. It just isn't possible.

As far as him pleading not guilty, it doesn't matter. He led them right to her body, I don't see any way anyone could be convinced he didn't do it.
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Couey is now claiming that he buried her alive: http://www.cnn.com/2005/LAW/04/09/lunsford/index.html
What a nightmare. And I agree - there's no way the other people in the trailer didn't know.
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Originally Posted by LaceyDF
this makes me so angry

I agree, people like him should be done away with as soon as they are convicted. Why waste our time and money on them? I say we get rid of them so no one has to worry about them every again---i think it would also scare people away from repeating such a thing.

We need harsher punishment here.
I completely, totally agree.
With situations like this, where there is direct evidence, like the killer being caught with remains, or leading police to remains, as soon as that verdict of guilty, or sentenced to death is given he should be led immediately to a small tiled room with a drain in the middle of the floor, & shot in the back of the head. Start killing enough of these monsters & we'll see how willing they still are to keep torturing children.
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Originally Posted by jcat
Couey is now claiming that he buried her alive: http://www.cnn.com/2005/LAW/04/09/lunsford/index.html
What a nightmare. And I agree - there's no way the other people in the trailer didn't know.
I didn't take the time to read your link becauseI'm on a really slow computer today, but I saw that on the news. I just can't comprehend how a one-time human turned into such a horrible monster. And the other people are GETTING AWAY WITH IT!!! Thats what I heard last anyway. Someone please tell me that has changed or I read it wrong or something.
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Something tells me that it wasn't just Couey that sexually assaulted little Jessica. There were two other male residents there that say that they "didn't know" that either Couey or Jessica was there.

Yeah, Riiiiiiiiiiight.
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