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Stressed cat?

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I adopted my 7 year old short haired girl from a shelter two weeeks ago, but she has no fur on her thighs between her hindlegs. I asked about this before I took her home and they said that there was nothing on her medical records, and she was checked by the vet at the shelter and found to be fine. They did say that this kind of fur loss can be caused by spaying and/or stress. She may well have been stressed whilst in the shelter and as she has only been living with me for two weeks she is still adjusting to the change. However she seems to be grooming that area more than the rest of herself. She is fine in all other ways, helathy appetite, plays well, uses her litter tray regularly, gets on well with everyone in the house. What can I do to make life less stressfull for her at the moment? How long should the fur take to grow back?
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Jess...It may or may not be due to stress. Keep an eye on her, and if after being in your care for a few months, she is still doing it, I would think about taking her to a vet for a workup. It could be food allergies as well. It takes ahwile for the hair to grow back, but you will be able to tell if it is. It's pretty obvious
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My QT developed bald spots on her hind legs and hips when I adopted Wawa. He's obsessed with her and follows her around. She was also allergic to insect bites. The fur is growing back. QT is getting used to Wawa's fanatism and I watch where she plays outdoors.
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Hi, thanks for your advice. I had to take Villy to the vets on friday as I wanted to get some good flea treatment which is only available on prescription. Whilst I was there I asked about Villy's bald spots and the vet said that it was due to over grooming as she is probably still getting over the stress of being in the animal shelter.
The vet prescribed some tablets called Serene-UM, which are some tablets made up of minerals which are supposed to help nervous/stressed cats. Has anyone else used this? I will let you know how she gets on!
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Princess hardly has any hair on her belly from her spay when she was 6 months. It never grew back (and never will). She will be 10 in May. I've asked her vet about it several times and they don't know why it never came back but she's fine. She has a different vet now than who did the spay. The vet that spayed her was through the SPCA and I don't really like the care they gave Princess. She now goes to a cat hospital and get much better treatment.
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Ah yes, I've heard about that, many cats fur does not grow back after they are spayed, poor things, it must get chilly down there!
I was worried tho, as Villy has made two new little bald spots on the backs of her front legs, so I wanted her to be checked over for anything untoward.
I may try rescue remedy in her water bowl too, as I've heard that this can help. Hopefully she'll calm down when she realises she's here to stay
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As Sandie has said, this does not have to be behaviorial. It could be based on the food, or a reaction to something around her that affects her this way. You should take her in and get a skin scraping done so you can at least have a vet look to see what this might be. No offense, but I wouldn't take her to shelter vet, I would take her to see a specialist
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