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Worst Halloween Ever!

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Since I'm still 12 I go out trick or treating. I told my parents I didn't want them to come along with me. They wouldn't let me out all alone so my 15 year old brother went with me. It seemed great at first with practicly no one around so I was able to get hand fulls of candy. When we were finished we went down this certain street with know one on it like I usaully do on halloween. We were close to the end of the street when three teenagers much older then my brother and I told us to give them our candy. And we wouldn't so they went chaseing us. Since I'm a very slow runner they cought up to me and took my wizard hat and went running. When I got home I told my parents what happend. So my mother and my dog went out looking for them. But all she found was my wizard hat on the ground. I still have my candy, and I still have my hat, but much more dirty. But I was still scared to death when they were chasing me. I'd have to say that this was the worst halloween I ever had.
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Sorry your Halloween wasn't all you wanted it to be. All of us at some point or another have had an encounter with a bully. Its sad, but true!! Stay strong, next year will be better
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I'm sorry that those jerks ruined your halloween. Bullies act that way because they have tiny brains and very little humanity. They are the mosquitoes of human kind!
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Oh Griffin, I am so sorry you had such a rotten Halloween, I hope next year will be better!!
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I'm sorry you had such a bad experience. Halloween is the night when a lot of bullies and people who are just plain weird like to get out and cause a lot of trouble. There is safety in numbers. If you try to isolate yourself from the other trick-or-treaters, you make yourself an easy target to pick on.
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Better idea yet...next year have a halloween party or check your area for one. Several of the schools or service clubs here have parties for different groups with a security presence...much safer and you don't have to worry about the treats.

I have to wonder if we don't have to start treating these punks much harsher.I'm afraid we've let the civil liberties groups go too far.
Youth/gang violence seems to be getting a whole lot meaner of late.
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I am so sorry about what happened. It is a horrible experience.
I agree with some others here that maybe next year you could hold a party, or go to someone elses party, where everyone is screened and known. Or go trick or treating in a large group.

It is sad that it has come to this, but there are sometimes bullies, and don't let them rob you of a happy halloween!!!! Next year, be prepared, and alter your plans if necessary. You can still have an awesome time!!! Halloween is sooooo great!!!!

Maybe you could hold a Halloween party THIS WEEKEND!!! No reason it has to be on Halloween itself, and people love to dress up. That way you could have at least a "make-up" halloween.
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Hey Griffin,

I'm sorry your Halloween was so crummy. Bullies like that are nothing more than big talkers. They pick on the little guys because they're bigger and can intimidate (tease and scare) them.

Next year get a bunch of your friends together to go out trick or treating with you. It's called Safety In Numbers. The bullies won't pick on a kid whose got alot of friends around him. They'd be outnumbered.

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But I am so glad you are okay, if just scared. Remember that what goes around comes around, and soon these bullies will get a taste of their own medicine. As is suggested, stay in large groups and hopefully have an adult with you too.
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Kids mugging kids for candy, it's terrible!

Good for you for not giving in and also for running away. Did you ever hear that old rhyme "He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day"? You were very brave and also smart.

Hope next year is better for you. Maybe you wouldn't be going out then anyway, since you're kind of at the upper end of the age range for trick-or-treat and the parties and haunted houses start to look pretty good.
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