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Let's try this again, PICS

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I hope that this works.

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Nope, it didn't. How are you trying to show us the photos? Remote linking? is a good free site for linking photos.
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Wow..those are may want to see about adjusting the size of those pictures. BTW..beautiful cats.

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I know they are huge, it's the first time posting pics. I'll figure it out sooner or later. Thank you so much!! I'll also put up pics of my two babies with my baby kitties.
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Ok I can see them now -

To resize your pictures in Photobucket it's easy, just click "Edit" and then you will be able to reduce the size, when I saw the size of them I had to stop loading the page or it would have frozen up my computer I'm on dial up so they would be very hard on me. Good luck and congrats!
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My husband fixed it for me!! I hope you all can enjoy my Babies pictures as much as I love taking thier Pics!!
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Pictures look great. Your babies are beautiful!!!
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Aww, what beautiful babies!
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Great job!Your babies are so gorgeous!
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What cute pictures of your Fur-Babies!
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Gorgeous kitties!

I'll move this to Fur Pictures for you since you got the pictures figured out.
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they're precious! what are their names?
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Your babies are beautiful!
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AAAhhhh - beautiful kitties - I'm so glad you got the picture posting thing sorted out - to think we might have missed them!
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So cute!!
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Beautiful babies!
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Thank you all soooo much They are all sweet kitties. THey're names are: The top pic is BB, my only boy, the little Calico is Princess, the black and white on is named Leia and the big Calico is the mama, Cali. I am so glad that you love the pics of my babies.
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All of your babies are soooo beautiful!!
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