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Rejected State Mottos...

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ALABAMA: Literacy ain't everything
Ya want fries with dat?

ALASKA: Come, freeze your butt off

ARIZONA: Winter home to 150,000 snowbirds

ARKANSAS: At least we're not Mississippi

CALIFORNIA: The Granola State
Nobody's actually from here
Fast reloading lanes available
The really long state

COLORADO: Too wimpy to cross the mountains so we stopped here
Official home of the winter ski bunny

CONNECTICUT: Way too close to New York

DELAWARE: You'll need a map to find us
So close to Washington you can smell it

The Gunshine State
Elephant Graveyard; where the old Republicans go to die
Senior citizen discounts available
Come, enjoy the humidity
The snow capital of the US

GEORGIA: Home of the Rednecks
Gateway to Florida
Confederate money welcome

HAWAII: Sure, we've got Interstates... drive on over
Book 'em Danno
Tom Selik, Jack Lord, Don Ho - Paradise!
Come, get lai-ed

Ain't nothing here
We don't care if you spell potato with an "e"
Land of a billion "eyes"

Land of the voting dead
Gateway to Iowa

INDIANA: Home of David Letterman

IOWA: Just east of Omaha
It's easy to spell

Hayfever capital of the Midwest
Dole slept here
There's no place like home
Ya want flat, we got flat

Tobacco is a vegetable
We're all related
Gateway to Nashville

Swim the beautiful Bayou
Cancer Alley's just a name, and names will never hurt you

For Sale
You can spit on Canada from here

MARYLAND: If it weren't for Washington, you couldn't find us

Home of the young girls from Nantucket, also the home of Ted Kennedy, hmmmm...

MICHIGAN: Land of the free, home of the Buick

Not Sweden, but we try to act like it
Sure beats Canada

We're lucky we can spell it
Why would you want to come here?

Gateway to Kansas
Here's mine, Show me yours
We're better than Illinois

Land of the Big Sky, and very little else
We've got lots of 10'x10' shacks in the woods
It's where you're wanted.
At least our cows are sane.

More corn than Kansas
Go to Kansas, turn north

More weirdos than Alaska (warmer too)
2 words - Death Valley
3:5 you'll leave broke
We have our own nuclear testing site

Like Old Hampshire, only newer
About as exciting as Vermont

You have the right to remain silent,
You have the right to an attorney...
Tell 'em Guido sent ya

Lizards make excellent pets
We have reservations
Alien Welcome Center - Roswell

At least we're not New Jersey!
We're more than a big city; we're a state
Like we CARE about a motto
English spoken here; sometimes

NORTH CAROLINA: Five million people; Fifteen last names
We're bigger than South Carolina


Don't judge us by Cleveland
Proud polluters of Lake Erie
We're easy to spell

We're OK, you're NOT!
I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto

OREGON: As pretty as California but not as weird
We're not named after a musical instrument
You can see the sunset from here

Cook with coal
Free lub job with oil change

RHODE ISLAND: Size ain't everything
Nobody famous came from Rhode Island

SOUTH CAROLINA: Just south of North Carolina

SOUTH DAKOTA: Closer than North Dakota

The Educashun State
Thank goodness we've still got Elvis
A great fixer-upper

Si Hablo Ingles
See, EVERYTHING is bigger in Texas!

UTAH: Our Jesus is better than your Jesus
At least our sheep can't talk

VERMONT: Bet ya can't name 2 of our towns

Please don't confuse us with West Virginia!

WASHINGTON: We like our state, so STAY OUT!

Where "family values" has a different meaning

Land of funny accents.
Say "Cheeeese"

WYOMING: Where men are lonely and sheep are scared
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LOL, I love them!
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Liza, I once heard this about NYC and thought this would make a great "City" motto...

I'm only wearing black until something darker comes along...
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Some of those are very funny.
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Those are funny--except the West Virginia and Virginia ones!!! Lol!
For the record, I'm from West Virginia and I don't personally know of any cases of incest and everyone in my family wears shoes and we all have teeth!!!
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Ha funny!

In Australia each state has a motto, too, and some of them are kind of true. For example...

Queensland - Beautiful One Day, Perfect The Next (True)

But the state where I come from, Western Australia is very far away from everything and its capital, Perth, is the most isolated city in the world. There are only 2 million people in the whole state and yet in terms of land mass you could fit Texas, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, Great Britain and Japan into it very comfortably. It is notoriously known for being a bit of a backwater and very quiet and a nice place to bring up a family etc but really, a big country town...lol.

Anyway, our motto is `State of Excitement'. That just cracks me up. I DON'T THINK SO!!!!!
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lol ive actually wondered why western australia was so isolated and that everyone had to live in the east.
Adelaide is already too isolated.
I could only live in melb or brisbane
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