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Forgot to post that I mailed the cat books.
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It is headed for Sandie and the Conneticut bunch then Debra Meyers and then Air Princess- if anyone wonders........then hopefully it will keep on going........
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Just to let everyone know, I got it today. I am going to get it done and back in the mail asap. I will try to get all the CT people I can that are on the list.
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now we're cooking!
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Please hold onto it until I come over on Sunday so I can also sign it.
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is it here yet?
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LOL, if I don't wait and let Donna see it and have a chance, she may poke my eyes out or something. I will make my addition,let Donna make hers and then I am going to get it into the mail by Monday.
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Oh my gosh, Alexnell, I absolutely loved that!!!! THANKS!!!
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glad to help.
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once Donna gets it to Deb Myers, I'll get the book!

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I know - isn't that exciting! I know I can't wait!!!!
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Donna just PM'd me and said the books are on the way! YIPPEE:

AP - you are next?
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I am!!!
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Boy AP - that was a quick response. Get me your address some time this next week and as soon as I get the book and add my entries, I will get it on its way to you!
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would you believe I have already picked out the photos, and written on the back?!?!?!
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The book came today - the book came today!

I am going to have a nice weekend reading and writing and then will send it (them) on the way to Colby!
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Glad you finally got it. I was wondering. I loved looking at all the pictures and the inscriptions. Mine is on page 55.
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Thank you Donna for getting it in the mail so quickly to me. I am anxiously awaiting the weekend to spend time with it over a cup of coffee and a few kitties cuddling. Will definately check out all the pics.
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Best wishes to the little books as they venture across the globe! I hope they're having a wonderful time and are wishing we were there.


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But Joe...some of us ARE there...and our "kids" too!
The rest will join up soon.

I can hardly wait for the books to reach Anne, and to see all that has so lovingly placed within (and on) the pages!

Gods speed
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Cleo, I loved what you said, and it's so true.

Once we put in our pics, a little piece of us goes on with the book.

I'm so excited to see it!
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I can't wait to get it, and read what you all wrote, and see the pictures!!!!!
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Hope it is still traveling and not stuck somewhere in someone's car or on a table or something. Get a move on it book, you still have a lot of people to visit before the baby comes!
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It could be at my office. That is the address I gave Debra Myers. I've been off since the 20th, and it wasn't there then. It may have arrived in the meantime. I will return to work on the 2nd & will let you all know if it's there.
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Cat Book ? CAT BOOK !! "Cat Book" I still hold with the theory that it is a "Figment of Group Hallucination. . . . . . " Is there a Cat Book ?
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Honest, Darlene, there really IS a cat book! I saw it myself. And, as if that wasn't enough, be assured there are actually TWO cat books! They're travelling together under the buddy system.


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I do believe; I DO believe. . . . I think the "Buddies" stopped off at some local "Tourist Attractions" along the way. . . . . . Hope they get back on the road after the Holidays !
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Cat book will be in the mail on the 2nd! Got

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