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I just happened to have a large mailer onhand from our CD exchange, so I put both books, in their respective envelopes, in that.
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I obviously have trouble with reading comprehension. Please excuse my poor assessment.
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(don't feel bad, I got a bit confused too : )
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I know exactly what happened: Cleo put the two empty envelopes in a bigger envelope and sent it on to AlexNell, but she sent both books back to Hissy. Right?

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Why would I get the books back Mr. Cat? The books go on in new envelopes to the next recipient on the list...
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He's joking...I think? Yeah, he's joking!

The books were kept in the original envelopes, then put in a larger one, and sent to Alexmell.
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I think it would be easier and cheaper to just get a new envelope for the books each time they make a stop and throw the original envelope away. I am sorry I will miss out on seeing everyone's pics of thier kitties, but at least the book (s) are traveling now.

Thanks Cleo sorry for my confusion but I didn't think Mr. Cat was teasing.
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Never! No, I understand the situation perfectly. You're all in a conspiracy to steal my mind! Don't bother denying it. I've still got both books! Ha ha ha ha! They're mine, I tell you. Mine!


P.S.: I'll have another drink. Thank you.
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Mr Cat lives 5 mins from me...so this is the plan (don't listen Joe)
I'm heading over there right now, taking his bottle, and putting him to sleep (just for the night).

You can have your mind back tomorrow Joe!
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It says here in this big thick book that I should have a nice soothing drink and then go to bed.

Ahh! Wait. What was in that drink?

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When I get the books, I put them in a new envelope?

And I need Blue's address.
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This is exciting! And going so fast!

I promise that when I get the books I'll scan the entries and put them on the web - it's for us all to share!

Thank you Hissy for starting this and for everyone for keeping it going!
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Put each page of both books in a different envelope, then put all those two-hundred or so envelopes inside one big envelope and send it to yourself via Registered Mail with a return receipt going to Blue. It's easy!


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You swore when I took that bottle that it was the only one!

Oh, I guess you DO live close to the "Sauce Shop" though, don't ya?:rednose: It's right there on 52nd...walking distance (or staggering)

:laughing2: :laughing2:
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It will be so cool to read and see what everyone adds to the book!

You'll have your hands full though, it's gonna be PACKED! (some of us got a little overzealous with the pics )
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Gator's Bar and Grill is just across the street (Southeast 66th Avenue)!

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When I was captaining our dart team, we used to play against their team! Smoked 'em!
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is the cat book here yet?!?

*looks in the mail box*
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This is by far the most confusing thread I've read in a long time. I need a PhD just to keep up with the envelope protocol.
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Blue has decided to opt out of the exchange, so Sandie's next. I'll post again when I send it.
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On the road again, in how many envelopes this time? *EG*
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I'm keeping the padded mailer Cleo sent so I can assassinate the bubble wrap inside. Pop Pop Pop. I'll send Sandie her own envelope/toy.

I'm going to put rubber bands around the books to hold the pictures
in. The last few people on the list will probably need to ship the books in a box. :tounge2:
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Oh goodie goodie goodie- I am next after Sandie!!!!
Going to get film today!
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Hey! Is there any way I can get on the list? Is the book coming to anyone in Canada? I've got lots of cute kitty pics to add
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Oh Goody, by the time the book gets tome I have a box all ready to put it in. . . .. Now, where did I park that two-wheeled "Dolly"? Alexnell, I wish I had your name in the Secret Santa I have boxes full of"frustration" paper. (bubble wrap) I could make you very happy, very inexpensively. . . .
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Or maybe if all the enthusiastic pet owners would limit themselves to one photo of their beauties? Nah! Never happen- so nevermind. Hope all of you on the original list are at least enjoying this goofy book and let it travel on!

Melissa, the list was started months and months ago and not to let anyone out, but the thread was finally locked and the book started on it's journey to over 22 people. Next year, maybe this will happen again and you and others who just joined here can get on it. But the intent was that the book arrives near the time that our Webmistress Anne gives birth in Isreal, so she can enjoy the greetings from the people who love and respect her for putting up this catsite.
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okie dokie, no problem
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Thanks for the offer, 3lk. Better not take you up on it though, I already have found too many ways to avoid housework. There's a website with virtual bubblewrap that is ever-renewing that I try not to spend too much time at. If any other bubble wrap poppers are out there, its www.urban75.com/Mag/bubble.html
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OMG that was fantastic - I did it for so long,hubby really became annoyed! GOOD!!!!!
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