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Stunning 'Cat Book' News!

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Yesterday I received Hissy's package containing Could You Love Me Like My Cat? by Beth Fowler. In the very same mail delivery, I received Meow Man's package containing the very same book!

After consulting with both Hissy and a panel of experts at a leading university, I've decided upon the following protocol:

1. The two books shall travel together, from one recipient to the next;

2. All recipients shall be happy to adhere to this protocol.

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are you sure you're not just seeing double after Blues party?!?!
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Feel free to keep one for yourself, really. You could use it for a stocking stuffer or just keep it to read on rainy days. I would say to double them up would just cost added (and unneccessary postage costs) Just a thought...
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thats a bit creepy Joe! :witch:

I say send both, or if you keep one, send MeowMans so i can read what others have added! (besides your 266 page entry of course)

Just my 2 cents.
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Air Princess, the two books came BEFORE I joined the party! Otherwise, I'd be inclined to agree with you.


Hissy, here's my take on this: There's writing in both books, which is precious, so they're both going. Besides, it's best to travel with a buddy.

Cleo, I'm sending you both of them; but not today (pay day is tomorrow).

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I can't wait to get these books!!!
Too bad I am so far down on the list... But then, anything worth waiting for, is worth waiting for...:LOL: )
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Gosh, it's been so long, I can't remember where I am on the list. can someone refresh my memory?
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Hopefully you are somewhere near me, (although I think I am towards the end) so us Iowans can forward it to each other.
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Mr. Cat- Cleo-Alexnell-Blue-Sandie-Debra Myers-AirPrincess-Billie-Michalrad-Deb25-Elinor-Illusion-Jeano369-TLK-Tapestry-nena10-DebbieA-Jugen-Amanda-Debby-Suzerq98 and lastly Anne.
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Hey thanks! Us darn Iowans are way down there on that list! LOL! I can't wait!:tounge2:
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I wish I was at the bottom so I could see pics of everyones cats & read what everyone wrote. You lucky Iowans!
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Ya gotta point there, AP...
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Well then, I guess it ISN'T so bad to be last sometimes! LOL!
Great Point AP!
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Can't wait for my turn at both!
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Is the book here yet? *looks under bed*
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Maybe Mr. Cat you could rubberband them together so they stay together easier? Just a thought.
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I'd like to sign it if at all possible. I'll check with Sandie and see if she can bring it to the Pet Expo next weekend.

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My point exactly AP, as much as I look forward to getting the book before it runs the risk of getting lost :paranoid2: again, I also wish I was lower on the list so I could read and see all the goodies others have added!

Oh well, maybe someone (looks around for Anne) will post the entries when all is said and done?
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The two cat books have escaped and may be headed toward Cleo's home! They were last seen entering a post office this afternoon.


By the way, the messages in one book are aimed at the next recipient; while in the other book they're directed at Anne.

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Donna, there is no way it will be here in CT by next weekend. It just left for Cleos and then on to 2 more people before I get it. When it arrives, I will let everyone know.
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Hopefully I'll have the books tomorrow...but with the postal system, who knows? Heck, I live about 5 minutes from Joe, and was on bus #9 yesterday, I shoulda just picked them up! :LOL:

I wont be sending the books out until Tues or Weds though guys, sorry, but I'm waiting to enclose pics that arent due back until Tues.

I promise I wont prolong the wait any longer than that though, and Alexnell has PM'ed me her address so I'm all set!
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i cant remember where i am in line for recieving the book, hissy, or anyone else, do you know ?

i still want to be apart of it.
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I DO Believe in The Cat Book; I DO BELIEVE in the Cat Book; I DO BELIEVE in THE CAT BOOK!!! (spins around; clicks heels of Ruby Slippered feet together and crosses fingers. . . . . . ) Can't wait 'til it gets to MO. !!
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You're getting the books after AlexNell, who's getting them after Cleo. For a complete list, see Hissy's post on the first page of this thread. Hang in there!

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I just sealed the books up, and will have them in the mail tomorrow!

I had a heck of a time deciding on which pics to inclose though...with all the kitty activity around here lately, I've been a little camera happy! :laughing2:
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I find it hard to believe that the book Meowman had for all this time "mysteriously" reappears after it was mentioned that it was missing,and another one was started.

Oh well, I may be blind or too old to read it (got a Braille version by any chance??) by the time it gets here, but I can wait my turn.

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I don't blame you for wondering about this coincidence. That's why I put the books back in their respective envelopes, so people could see the postmarks. (Cleo, I hope you did the same.) But at least the two buddy-books are on their way!


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Ya know Joe, I debated over that one for a bit, due to the bulkiness of mailing both packages in one larger one...but then I decided to just put 'em both in a bubble mailer. Hope Hissy, MeowMan and yourself dont mind everyone having their addresses though? (oops, and me too!)

Another potential problem...after a few more stops, the books wont fit in the original envelopes...they're gonna be too full of pics! :LOL:
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Yeah, that's what I meant! In other words, the books are inside their respective envelopes and all that's inside the envelope you're mailing. (Right?)


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I thought she meant that she just put the 2 books in one bubble mailer, and took them out of thier original envelopes. (I think )
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