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Muffins litter

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Well as some of you may know my queen Muffin was due to have kittens this weekend, she gave birth this morning to four kittens - three whites, two with genetic spots and one pure white and a Blue Bicolor. Two of white whites and the blue bicolor were still born but we have one white(boy?) If you could keep Muffins little angel in your thoughts it would be most appreciated.
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awww so sorry to hear that so many died =0( I hope the last boy is good and healthy. Wish him the best.
Do you have any idea why so many were still born?
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We have no idea, they were all good sized. Thank you very much he is doing fantastically.
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did he come last or first? if he came first-maybe the rest were backed up in there and didnt come out on time? Did they look like they were full term?
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prayer sent to the little angel
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Oh dear ... Sam, I am so sorry to hear of the little ones that didn't make it - but I am sending strength to you and especially to the little one which remains.

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Oh Sam, I am so saddened to hear about Muffins babies. Sending good vibes for the remaining baby!
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so sorry, i'm sure everything will be ok for the little one
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this must be such a bittersweet time for you, one beautiful baby but three little angels
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Thanks guys!
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Ah Sam...I'm so sorry about Muffin's babies. Muffin, the baby, you, and your family are all in my thoughts!
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Aw Sam. I'm so sorry to hear about Muffins lost babies. How is the little white boy doing now? Has Muffin had this problem in the past?
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Prayers are being sent! So sad! Hugs to you, mom and baby!!!
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This is Muffins first litter.

Muffin and her baby are doing fine. Thanks!
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Thats a good update. I'm glad momma and baby are doing fine.
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I am so glad that Muffin and her baby are doing well, you are all in our thoughts.
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Thanks! I'll get some pictures as soon as I can!
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I just saw this thread, my thoughts and prayers are with you and Muffins. I'm glad she and her baby are doing ok.
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Thank you Tina!
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