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I went to the zoo yesterday

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Hi guys, I was finally able ot go to the zoo. They upgraded the exibits some and got a new animal in. The exibits use to be small with a large sunkn area s the animals couldnt come close to the fence now its all filled in and more room to run!! Im happy for them. They had a small place where they couldnt sprint around at all. We watched the 2L male lions play fight. It reminded me of my kittens. One male was hiding behind a large tire used for tractors and was stalking his brother. It was so cute.lol.

The took out the polar bears and placed black bear in there now. They were sleeping in the make shift caves, so we didnt get to see them. They had Jaguars too. BLack and spoted males. I remeber when they first got them, They growm so huge.

We watched 2 monkey's fight since one pulled the others tail while it was eating. It was too funny.

They upgraded the Elaphants fence too. I always hated they way they were kept. But feeding them the crackers was fun. It even gave us a load farting sound from its mouth, lol. We feed the ducks, geese and some funny looking animals. They provide specail crackers at teh zoo so you can feed them.

I was happy to see the Geraffs(cant spel sry) Two big friendly guys.lol. I remembered when peopel use to be cruel to them and feed them trash. SO MEAN!!! I gave a whole pack of crackers to one, lol.

We will go back Monday and we taking my little neice too. She has been to there but only once. So we are going to take lots of photos. I will post some up too. I ot permission from my sister to take her, she gets to skip school, lol. I think she is about 4. So this will be a learning experiance for her.

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Sounds like you had fun.

I've always liked the zoo, but felt kind of sad being there as well. I guess it's kind of a love/hate relationship.
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