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Anybody watch CSI?

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Maybe it's just because this follows Survivor, but I've really gotten into this show. Anyone else like it?
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I love it. Watch it every week.
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One of the smartest written shows on television. Not for the weak of heart though. They do actually use real cases to draw off of too.
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I watch it also.It's one of my favorite shows
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tonights episode looks like it's going to be good!
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I wish I COULD watch tv at night. But I don't get home till 10 so my selections are limited. But tonight is ER. THAT I refuse to miss!

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I love that show so much. With Susan back makes me wonder if her and Dr Greene are going to have some hanky panky in the supply room? I wish they would get rid of Carrie, but she is such a strong character I doubt they will.
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ummm *clears throat*

this is a CSI thread, not an ER thread. let's stick to the subject here folks

I've got an idea, someone start an ER thread!
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Why? We've got this thread to talk about ER. Yup, yup, yup, give me blood, guts and brains anyday. And cops in uniforms. I love a man in uniform (I love a man out of uniform too!!)

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that's the point, you DON'T have this thread to talk about ER

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Originally posted by donna

Why? We've got this thread to talk about ER. Yup, yup, yup, give me blood, guts and brains anyday. And cops in uniforms. I love a man in uniform (I love a man out of uniform too!!)

CSI has plenty of guts blood and brains (or other bodily tissue, sometimes it's even soup!)

And it has George Eads, yumm yumm. Grissom's not so bad for a middle aged man.

I love CSI! Forensics are just so interesting to me.
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Gee, a thread that wanders off topic...how very strange! Although it does usually take a little longer than this!

I never get to see CSI, or ER either for that matter as I work from 5:30 pm to 3:00 am...maybe I should see if my DVD player records, or read the manual on my VCR or find a pal with opposite hours and start an exchange? :splitter:

I used to watch ER all the time and loved it, and I did see CSI once when I was home sick, and liked it too... the gore didn't bother me, I've given birth! :LOL:
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I love to watch CSI..... It's my favorite show!!
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I am very fond of CSI. I think it is very well written. I also, have been a fan of ER since the beginning. I have to agree with Donna I love a man in uniform. I watch Third Watch, too, by the way. If we all pull together we could take this thread and turn it down several side streets! (there are more than enough shows on the networks dealing with men in uniforms. . . . . Let's not forget JAG and Law and Order, or Scrubs even! How about ED (do bowling shirts count as a uniform) ?
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anybody catch this weeks show?

it was a good one!
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I did. I loved this episode in particular. But the nudity really caught me off guard. Not that anything surprises me much anymore, but a 9 o'clock program showing full breasts ? :girlie:

Anyway wonder what Grissom was going to tell Katherine at the very end?
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CSI...???? I don't watch TV...too much to do during the day and nite! I wish for ONE DAY that I could watch! The last show I got to see was Michael Jackson...finally a day to relax. I'll be looking forward to see it. Sounds like it must be pretty interesting.

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Did you see the one from last week? When they showed the guy's body, you could see him breathing :LOL: Ok, now I know it is a show, but come one, don't focus in on the body so you can see them breathing!
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Love it, Love it, Love it!!!!
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it's on tonight!

*happy dance*
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today is wednesday not thursday

I've been doing that all day! I keep thinking it's thursday and I'm not sure why
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What night is it on? I'll try and tape it. I do like CSI and have watched it.
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gotta love back to back CSI!!!!

I thought the 2nd one was better than the first.

Donna, it's on the same time as tempation island, so if you're taping TI you can't tape CSI
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*Happy Dance*

I got to see CSI last night! Who IS that gorgeous HUNK of Man???? I only watched the first episode (last night there were two back to back episodes, the second one coinciding with ER) but he caught my eye immediately. Marge Helgenberger (sp?) is a great actress. I wanted to watch the second episode SO bad but was falling asleep. Didn't even have the energy to watch ER last night. Must be all the hours I'm working.

I'm definitely going to tape it from now on.
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Hehe, Donna, which hunk?

Grissom= the older smart sexy one
Warrick= the black guy with the absolutely gorgeous eyes
Nick= the young sexy yum-yum

I'll dig up the actor's names for ya in a sec.
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Grissom= William L. Petersen
Warrick= Gary Dourdan
Nick= George Eads
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That's IT!!! George Eads. Makes my hurt!!
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Donna you have EXCELENT taste
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I got to see BOTH episodes last night cuz I didn't have to work!!!

It was a "crime scene night" for us here...we rented Along Came a Spider and Kiss the Girls with Morgan Freeman, and they ended just in time for Survivor, then we watched CSI...well, 2 of us did, my son fell asleep in a chair at about 7:30!!!

I really like CSI...they have great toys!

The older man bugs me though, all his lines seem to just be a wry form of stating the obvious? I love the interaction between the 2 women, especially in the first of last nights episodes.

I'm glad the 1 night I got to see it, there were 2 episodes!

(moan...what a Cutie Patootie!)
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I want to have his baby!!!!
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