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Anyone want to take a wager on amount?

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Still no babies...

She's nesting, she still has a bit of discharge, (I thought she lost her plug, but apparently she didn't).

These I took yesterday mid day...

Anyone want to look at her belly and tell me how many they think? Just for fun?

A little disclaimer: She is a stray, we rescued her, yes she will be spade ASAP
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What a pretty kitty- all I can say is keep your vet's phone number close, he knows she is expecting right? They either go off their feed prior to labor, or they get really hungry. It depends. Look for her to get anxious and be sure she has at least two nesting boxes, that she can choose between. Shredded newspaper helps them because they can dig into it to release some of the anxiety. At least that has been my experience with the pregnant rescues here.

Good luck, and again be sure your vet is kept informed, she could have a bunch of kittens inside, or a few big ones- and those can cause problems for momcats-

Do you need a list of what you should have on hand IF something goes wrong?
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Oh, she's so beautiful!!!
Sending vibes for strong healthy kittens and safe delivery.

That's a nice round belly, I always used to rub my kitties bellies when they were preggers!

I'll guess she'll have 5 sweet little ones!!
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WOW! She is GORGEOUS!!! It helps, too, that you are such an AMAZING photographer!!! WOW!!!

So, are you keeping her? I can't get over how beautiful those pictures are! My guess is 6 kittens!!!
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Lacey... I don't know if we will keep her yet but I do know that I will be very picky about where I place her (and I will probably get her spayed before/if I rehome her just to make sure that no one lets her get pregnant again... money isn't an issue when it comes to this sweetie...). I want to keep her but I also don't need people eyeballing me like I am some cat collector or something. DH is allergic and has asthma so really, it's not good that we own three cats lol! A fourth one is probably out of the question, but we are going to take things one day at a time. I've already bonded with her despite trying not to. She greets me every time I see her...and if I pretend not to hear her, she only persists... lol! It's so funny. I love cats that look you right in the eyes - and she does just that. They make you feel that they are people deep down inside

Hissy... yes, I think I have all the stuff prepared and ready. Vet is aware of everything but I will be calling her tomorrow morning just to keep in touch with her... I am a bit concerned about her being so tiny and delivering most definitely....
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i'll say 7. she's huge!

oohh i hope they come soon, so excited for you!
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Because she is a little kitty, I'm going to go lower than the rest...I'll say 4 beautiful little kittens.
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She really is big! Oh I can't wait to see the kittens! I'm guessing five .
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WOW. What a beautiful cat!!! Love the eyes. And your photography is envious, dear.

I'll guess on 5 kittens. I've never been mom to a pregnant cat before.

Oh and re: people thinking you are a collector... I had that fear/thought when I took in my two most recent "give aways". Both are old (14 and 13) and were on their way to the pound. The way I see it - it's not collecting, it's saving lives and giving lots of love. My 6 cats certainly don't see me as a collector. Neither do my friends or family. They know the cats are spoiled rotten and they know the reason behind each kitty!

Good luck on the momma cat and keep us posted please.
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Wow. The poor baby looks so uncomfortable! I hope she delivers soon. I'm going to guess 5 as well. I've seen your beautiful photos around the site, and I'm positively salivating at the thought of pictures of the new little ones!

After all goes well with the delivery, and everyone is healthy and happy, you should start a thread for them so we can all watch them grow!
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J. I have a tiny petite tabby/coon too that was a rescue, and just a soft spot for tabbies (my Freddie RIP 11/9/03) so best wishes to you and your coming additions. I'd say about 6, as she's small. What lovely photos, you have a marvellous eye. I just want to wih you the best. This Board has very good, powerful vibes and wishes and magic, so keep us updated on how she's doing and what's going on if you can. Lots of folks will be sending their very best to you and we're sending a whole lotta luck and angels your way!

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she is beautiful. i'm gonna be radical and say 3. where are you located? you might be able to find good rescue contacts in your area thru this board for the kittens. i can very much relate to your position. it's hard not to get attached to the rescues, esp. when they look at you with those big beautiful eyes (and belly).
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Wow what a beautiful face she has! What a stunner. I'll go for five too. Best of wishes to you and her, hope the delivery goes quickly and easily!
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Hey everyone! Her contractions are three minutes apart and she is very uncomfortable... hope I have good news tomorrow morning!!!! I'm camping out with her tonight...
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Originally Posted by J. Otte
Hey everyone! Her contractions are three minutes apart and she is very uncomfortable... hope I have good news tomorrow morning!!!! I'm camping out with her tonight...
Anxiously awaiting the news!!! 8-)

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Originally Posted by gayef
Anxiously awaiting the news!!! 8-)


Sending good vibes her way!
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AW! I'm so excited and anxious to hear the news of the birth!!! And how many she had! come on 6! that was my guess!!!
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on the edge of my recliner!! is she ok? what's the verdict?
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I don't care, as long as all of them - mom and babies - are fine.

She just looks so darned tiny. And has a very young face. I looked at her and said "she's just a baby!!!". Of course, I'm getting old, so everyone/thing looks young to me.

LOL...I'll be checking to see how everyone (including you) is in the morning.

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Just wanted to let you guys know, there's a different thread about the kittens' birth:

(thought I'd help out those that are following this)
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