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Pictures of my new kitty, Xena

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We've had our new kitty for almost a week now and just love her. These are from her first day with us as she was exploring the apartment.

My friend Valerie holding her

Her favorite thing to do: try to get into rooms she's not suposed to be in

Her second favortie thing to do, climp up on the bathroom shelves and knock everything down

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Awww! I love black kitties! Great pictures!
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Gorgeous cat!
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Hello Jenny! nice shoots about Xena!!! I love the first is soo cool!
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she's beautiful!
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Oh she's just gorgeous Love her collar, i nearly bought Rosie and Sophie the same one but it looks better on your kitty
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She's so gorgeous!!! She looks like she could be Diddy's twin sister! I love black cats, they're so stunning and elegant! More pics!
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Aww lovely pictures. Xena is a gorgeous kitty

Welcome to TCS both! Hope to see much more of you
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Wow, she's beautiful, I love black kitties.
Nice pics.
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Awe how lucky you are What a great looking cat.
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what a pretty little girl!!! black cats are my favorite!
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She's beautiful!!!!
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Ahhhh... She's beautiful

How old is she?

Welcome to TCS!!!
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Oh, Felicity!! She's just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! How I would love to sink my fingers into that shiny black fur!
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Originally Posted by 3BlackCats
How old is she?
She's 6 years old.
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Originally Posted by felicity869
She's 6 years old.


Congrats on adopting her
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Cute kitty , look same as mine
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aww, she is beautiful! She reminds me of my Trinity.
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