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School troubles

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I don't know if you guys know the situation or not. If you don't then I will tell you. Please try to bear with me, since this is a long story. Okay this girl at my school her name is Megan and well I was walking up the hall awhile ago let's say approxmiately 1-2 weeks ago. I was walking up the hall because I asked my science teacher if I could go get my poster from my former class, which was health. The poster is special because it has my animals and my family on it. But anyways, I will get to the point. I was walking up the hall and these two girls Megan and I don't know the other one's name, but she looked familiar. Anyways, Megan asks her friend "Is that a boy or a girl?" I just was plain fuming when she said that! I don't look like a boy at all and you can tell I AM a girl. She could have not said that in my presence! I am a sensitive person and that really got to me. Then yesterday she asked me after I got a snack from the vending machine, if I was pregnant. I said no, you stupid b****. I don't look like I am pregnant either. Then I went to go get a candy bar today and while I was going up there, she said YUCK and I said Yuck to you(I was so upset I didn't know what to say). Does anyone have any advice on what I should do? Like report her, because this isn't the first time she has been a jerk to someone I am sure. Thanks for listening.
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Don't bite back at her because it sounds like thats what she wants to see, you wound up!.

If she comes out with petty remarks like that again just smile at her and walk away, but if she touches you then you must report her.
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I would just ignore her. She is deliberately trying to upset you. Don't give her the satisfaction, she's not worth it.
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I wouldn't lower yourself to her level. She sounds like a mean person who is trying to bring attention to herself because she has low self esteem. Really just ignore her and don't confront her. But if she continues this or as Susan says trys to touch you in a bad way I would report this to the guidance counselor. I think people do type of behavior so as to upset others and they think they can get away with it. Its best to nip it in the bud before it gets out of control. Be strong.
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ack! bullies
next time
when she says it at you dont show your anger..
Just smile and say thank you! and skip away
She will be really confused to why you said thank you..
i do it too all of the bullies when they were picking on me and then they left me alone coz they got bored of my remark!
Hope it helps
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I'm gonna go to the other side of the fence here. I was you in jr high. I was the one that people chose to torment. I was also told to ignore it...and it not only continued, but it escalated.


I agree that they're trying to get a rise from you. So you need to let them know that they will not get anything from you. If she says YUCK, ask her if she just kissed her boyfriend...oops, sorry, I forgot you don't HAVE a boyfriend. If she asks if you were pregnant, tell her no, you have better morales than she does. Then just smile and walk away. Learn to use your brain to shut her up, and eventually she will.
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It's never any fun to try & get to someone when they dont respond to it. Dont give her the satisfaction.
Dont try to figure out WHY she has decided to pick on you. The reason why is because the girl is bored, and she has nothing better to do.

You cant either ignore her or kill her with kindness.
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i agree with everyone else, dont lower yourself to her level, if you just keep ignoring her, she'll soon get tired, keep ya chin up
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When i was 14, I didnt really look upto this girl but she was quite popular i wanted to be friends with her the first day i met her but she was one of those people.. and her group of friends who were like stuck up and bi**chy
It was a huge fight outside the classroom she wasnt in my class though.
she came and asked me why i had done somthing when it had nothing to do with her and them so i screamed
(IS IT ANY OF YOUR BUSINESS? WHAT I DO IN MY LIFE IS MY PRIVACY AND WITH YOUR TONE ITS NONE OF YOUR CONCERN WHAT I DO) i got so angry and my face was so red that i dont even remember what happened but i remember her screaming at me back and walking away with her silly friends.
after the school holidays we ended up being in the same math class.
I dont know how but we became friends after that and she was really sad to see me move to germany. (so did her friends)
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It's hard to say what to do because school is a whole different thing than the rest of the world. There are more cliques. Popularity is such an important thing to teenagers. I would like to agree that you can be the bigger person and don't bite back, BUT Sweets has a good point too.

Maybe you can take the middle road - not really insult her, just kind of look confused and say "Thats amusing."
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This situation can call for a couple of different measures, depending on how you want to go about it.

You could either do like everyone has said and ignore her. My brother is the type of person who likes to get a rise out of everyone (not to be mean, just to test his limits) and being the younger sister I have learned faster than everyone else that if I ignore him, he goes away. He gets tired of not getting the desired response, makes one last remark, and moves on. So, you have that option. Just smile and keep walking or doing whatever it is that you were doing.

The other option is to respond. However I do NOT think you should respond with a demeaning comeback, because doing that could get you into more trouble than you bargained for. The other way that I have learned to respond to my brother is to say, "Really? Great" and move on. When I do this and continue on with my business he doesn't quite know where to go next. This tends to catch people off guard and will at least make her stammer to find her next comment.

Ultimately it's up to you. I definitely wouldn't recommend being snide right back to her. If you're going to comment, make it neutral comments like I said above or "Good to see you too," etc.

Good luck to you.
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Even if you don't feel it, walk like you own the room. And wit is best as a response, but of course we aren't all witty at the right times!

Always know who you are, no one can take that from you unless you let them! And just remember people like her dont do well after High school so you will have your sweet revenge!
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just look confused and say "sorry do i know you?" then walk away
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Originally Posted by maverick_kitten
just look confused and say "sorry do i know you?" then walk away
THERE IT IS! That's the answer!!!

Someone as concerned about popularity as her won't know WHAT to do next!
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I don't really know what to say to you. I was always the one who would ignore them and not give them the satisfaction of seeing a reaction. Although the person who would make nasty and insulting comments to me stopped, I don't know whether it was because my tack worked or because they got bored and moved on to some other poor person.

Now my daughter (18 years) is like me but more assertive. When someone made remarks to her she would let them know - not screaming and shouting but with some cutting remark. I remember she told me she said "now that's mature isn't it" or "if you put as much thought into your schoolwork as you do into insulting people you might just pass your exams". The remarks to her stopped pretty quickly and she felt happy she'd done something *positive*.

I think what is *right* depends on you, the situation and whether you feel these others pose a danger to you in that they might become physical. Always remember, there will be people (adults) in the school who are there to help you in this situation.

Chin up - this will stop
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I would hope that your school or district has a strong anti-bullying policy. If it escalates, report her for harrassment. Don't waste your time having your feelings hurt. Is this a person you respect? If not, and I hope not, she shouldn't be worth your feelings.
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