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Oh I love Stargazer lilies!
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I love this thread! Talking about flowers is just so cheerful. Let's keep it going.
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Here are some Plumeria flowers... I love them!
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Oh that is just lovely Ari!!
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Oh beautiful flowers!
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Oh yeah Ari - sooo beautiful. They make beautiful wreaths for your hair from plumerias on Hawaii - the girls with dark hair look so beautiful with these flowers in their hair and the fragrance is just out of this world.
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Originally Posted by flisssweetpea
Ok Rigel - here goes, are these like the ones you like?

There are lots of different kinds of lilies - but most share the same kind of flower structure
WE HAV THOSE FLOWERS GROWING IN SICILY we have a big tree of it they are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for the pink rose
There was this other flower i saw that was pink and peachy but i have no idea what its called so i cant even look it up on google! lol
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I can't wait to visit Sicily Fwan - it's on the list of places we want to go to!

If you find a picture of your flower - post it in this thread, I'd love to see it
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hehe i sure will!
Ohh you have to go to Alcamo, thats were we have our beach house.
Its got the best food ever! The east side of sicily isnt so nice (from my experience) but sicily has so much stuff to see (if you really like history)
Oh yes and i dont reccomend you eating at mc donalds there eww..
You have to eat all the yummy pastries in the bar, bar is a cafe there ohh and the lovely cakes!
Now im so hungry.
My parents are going there in march because they are selling the beach house but they promised to bring me stuff from there to eat because im picking them up from the airport
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Ooh yes - I love Italy and Italian food and can't wait til we go to Sicily. We've done some research already and so looking forward to seeing the historical sites - particularly the temples on the South coast and the beautiful countryside of course.

We are waiting until our daughter is holidaying alone - so that just hubby and me can go.
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