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How was Your Halloween?  

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I was just curious how everyone's Halloween went. Did you see a big change in the amount of children that went trick-or-treating. We sure did...I also noticed that we had gotten a few more teens than usual, but for the most part...the candy still remains and usually I run out. Tempting for dipping into the candy dish!
:laughing2: I hope you had a better one I did.

Love & Peace,
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My fingers are tired from making trophies out of cat hair. The winners are posted in the "i'll be seeing you" thread started by blue. Go check it out. Any ideas how to get Mr. Cat out of my pasture, I already have one pasture ornament, I don't need two! Or how to get Kittyfoot and meme out of my Jacuzzi?
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Cat, it was quiet here too. Not a lot going on at all. My kids had fun trick or treating though, and we got to relax the rest of the night. No complaints here!
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Sounds like Meme & Kittyfoot are stayin' awhile :laughing2...I really think Mr. Cat needs to get out of the pasture though, he's too young to be put to pasture.

I'd like to see a trophy made from cathair! :laughing2...please post a pic! hahaha!

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:LOL: :LOL: :LOL: good one Cat!:LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

" I really think Mr.Cat needs to get out of the pasture though, he's too young to be put to pasture."
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Mine was okay, until we got to my Aunt's house where she proceeded to tell me off in front of my kids regarding some(completely unfounded) beef she had with me. Not only was what she said uncalled for at all, it bugged me that she had to do that in front of my kids, and on Halloween! I had the good grace to let it go, and shrug it off for my kids, but I am still steamed! If she wants to apologize she can apologize to my voice mail. Thank goodness for Caller ID. I consoled myself with some of my kids mini chocolate bars when I got home and put them to bed.
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:laughing2 haha Cleo...Only you!! :laughing2

By the way Melissa, that wasn't very nice...but I'm proud of ya girrrrrrrl!!! hahaha It's best to hold your tongue as long as ya can...She'll come around as see she made an arse of herself...yummm...I wish I could eat chocolate candy *sigh*... :laughing2....I'm driving myself nuts here...don't mind me :laughing2

Love & Hugs,
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We had NO trick-or-treaters this year. Absolutely zilch!
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Bummer. No kids, no fun
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Well, we live in a block of three houses, we all got a couple of trick or treaters, but the house in the middle was the only one who gave them anything, and he was the only house on the street that got egged!! :laughing:
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we only moved here a year ago and we were caught out by the number of trick or treaters comming round,so this year i got in loads of goodies and not one child called round,now i am sitting here drooling over all the sweets and i have just started another diet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Ouch, forgot about those things! haha Egging, Tp'ing, soaping windows...ahhhh...it's all coming back to me now!

Not that I ever did that..noooooooooooo....

Love & Peace,


PS...Sorry to hear about that Kerry, my advise...run back to the store and return it or maybe a nice charity or church?
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