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Please, please can you spare any positivity and thoughts?

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A couple months ago, my boss rehired this 17 year old guy. He's a great worker, but was they had to fire him a while earlier, maybe a year or two, because he was found in the employee bathroom on the floor in convulsions.

He recovered, and finally got the chance to come back to work.

He's got a fiance who is pg right now. He's one of our best workers. A huge bright light at work. He can cheer anyone up. He's just so happy. Everyone loves him. He's got a great attitude, and sense of humor, AND WORKS HARD!!! He will come in anytime. He will stay however longer it takes.

I guess last night he was drinking again. He drank himself back into a similar state. He's in ICU right now. He might not make it. I really care about this guy. He's one of my best friends at work. He... He really is a great person.

Oh please, can you all help him, and his fiance. She's 16. Those kids grew up fast, and he was really trying to keep himself out of trouble. Why/how he got ahold of alcohol... nobody knows. He wasn't supposed to be drinking at all. Eventhough he did bring this on himself, he still needs some help. He made a bad choice, I fear he will again.

My boss got to go in and see him because his mom told them she was his aunt. She said his hands are purple and hot she said. She has worked as an EMT, and cannot think of what this means. She's completely beside herself right now. She takes everything with her workers very seriously, and personal. She could also use a few thoughts.

I'm sorry, I know it's not directly my problem, but I am scared right now. I'm having a little problem composing myself right now. All I can seem to do at the moment okay is cry.

He's an apache, and both of us having native blood in us... I feel pretty close to him. Oh I hope he makes it. We always have so much fun at work. HIS Little brother is covering his shift tonight. I'm expecting he won't be operating at 100% tonight. I hope he's okay.

When he was born, he was born deformed. The middle of his ribcage, where his ribs meed goes in. His heart isn't fully developed. His organs operate at 50%. WHY? Why...... WHY was he drinking. I just wish he was okay so I could hit him upside the head and ask him ::censor::censor::censor:: He was thinking.

Thanks for listening.
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Oh dear htis guy sounds like he has a host of problems to deal with. Good luck to him and I hope he finds a way to bring himslef out of them. But when someone is determined on self-destruction through drink, no-one can help them but themselves - they have to be ready to do it. Menawhile, I hope you all find the strength to give him a caring environment in which he can make hte right decisions.
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aw im sending my prayers.
maybe he didnt drink the alcohol? and someone had spiked his drink? and he didnt know?
Aw i hope he doesnt die!
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So sad for this poor young man, his family and all of you who are so close to him. I hope he can pull through this. My thoughts are with you
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Lots of prayers from here!
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My prayers are with him too. and for the rest of the people that care for him, and YOU! I lived with an alcoholic for 15 years. He may or may not be one, I do not know. He definately has to want to help himself if he is. It is a serious illness and if he wants to change at least he has people like you for support. He will need it. Maybe you can talk to him very calmly after he gets out of the woods. Unfortunately mine did not want to help himself and I had to walk away before he took me down with him. You can PM me if you need to talk. I will help you if I can!
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certainly--oh, I do hope he pulls through...and please give us updates

my father was, well, I guess is, an alcoholic. we thought he was out of the woods a year ago when he was arrested for drunk driving about 6 months before my wedding...its a very long and horrible story that I will spare you all....

but my point is that some great people end up afflicted with this disease, and have a hard time controling themselves..if they can at all...regardless of whether or not we see it as something they brought on themselves...all we can do is pray that they will find the strength to stop-which is much harder than it was to start.
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I hope he is able to pull though ok and recovers. Please send him all our best wishes from everyone here!
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Thankyou all... I am trying to refocus myself so that I can go on with my day. I work at 5. I think I should be ready if anything happens. Thankyou. I feel really bad for his brother and sister. I worked with him and his brother last night. I feel bad for his girlfriend.

He is very selfdestructive. He's always hurting himself in one way or antother.


My boss wanted me to see if I could find any info on what purple hands mean. I assume something to do with circulation. She said they are hot too. They looked bruised.

I don't know if he drinks on his time off much. I know he likes to have fun, and he's talked about being drunk a few times at parties recently. He knows he almost died from drinking too much. I wonder if it has anything to do with him telling us his organs work at 50%. Maybe his liver can't take care of it?

I just keep wondering why. WHY... and why.
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I'm sending positive vibes and prayers your way. Hope he starts getting better.
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That touches a nerve in me Tia - yesterday I found out that my friend who died recently actually died of alcohol poisoning - his level was .70 which is way more than enough to kill him. Theres a long and twisted story behind this but I wont go into details right now.

I really hope that this guy recovers - and I do hope that somehow, someone will tell him that he has a child on the way and that he needs to think about the child - that child will not want to know of a father who died because he drank too much.

I wish him all the best.
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Thats so sad Sending (((((mega vibes))))) for him to make a recovery
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Major hugs for him and his family (and you, too My Rage!)
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Your friend is in my prayers, Tia. Please do keep us updated how he is feeling.
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Oh dear, how very sad. Just like everyone else I'll be sending lots and lots of positive vibes in that direction. I wish him the best. Please let us know if anything changes.
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That is so sad and tragic. I read somewhere about some 'study' on alchol and native americans and about how the alcohol affect people differently and in this case badly!
I truly hope you can all pull through this and I think your boss is fantastic for taking the time and emotional strain of her employees. You are all in my thoughts.
Alchol looks so inoccent and is given such a good press but the down side is forgotten about unfortunately.
Take care
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I'm also sending postive vibes for both of you. Perhaps he has low self-esteem because of his birth defects?????And maybe he thinks the drinking will make him "fit in"? He sounds like he could be depressed also. I hope he pulls through-I don't know what the hand symptoms mean however.
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You and your friend are in my prayers.
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How sad, he's so young. Sending good vibes his way.
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im sending vibes his way. hope he recovers soon
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Your friend is very definitely in my thoughts.
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I went to webMD.com and DrKoop.com. The only article I got on swollen hands that made any sense was about Lupus. Everything else was pertaining to having babys.
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Thankyou all. He doesn't seem at all bothered by his defects. He is in better physical condition then a lot of people. He doesn't seem depressed at all either. He always wants to keep the peace when things get stressful. He's always wanting to make everyone happy. He likes to see people laughing. He's really caring, and selfless. I'm not sure why he would drink that much. Not that it would take a lot.

I haven't heard anything yet. That's probably good. He is the one who most try to fit in with. He's got a leader kind of attitude. But... I only see him at work.

Thanks everyone. He and his family really need all the prayers, positivity, and board magic they can get. He's such a great guy to work with. He's one that nobody ever complains about, except when he and his brother goof off too much.


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He's stable. The doctors are now waiting to see if there is any brain damage.
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Thank you for this update, Tia.
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Just got off the phone with one of our drivers. He woke up, and asked what was going on with work. He was worried about us... He's back out now. Just like him to think of work first. I feel better now. Just a bit upset at the whole situation. I'm glad that the people I work with are so close. The driver I talked to wasn't scheduled in until 5 tonight. She went in, and everything at work is running smoothly. And he woke up. UGH!

Thanks guys, you guys are each a little miricle, and all of you together are so powerful. Thankyou. I hope he comes out okay.
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Thank GOD!!!
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I just saw this thread. I am so happy to hear that your friend seems to be alright, however, I think he might have a bigger problem on his hands. For someone with a baby on the way, he seems to be making some pretty irresponsible and selfish choices. It's almost as if he might think that what he does to his own body will not effect anyone but him.
Again, I am very happy he is ok. Thank you for sharing this with all of us. He, his family and you will continue to be in my thoughts. HUGS!
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I just got home from work. While I was working, my boss called up to the hospital to talk to his mom for an update. She hung up the phone and called his little brother over and told him that they had released him. Pretty soon I looked up and saw him walking in our door. I ran over and took the oven from the boss so that she could go talk to him. Then once there was nothing coming out of the oven, I ran over, and took his lilbro's pizza from him and told him to go talk to his brother. He just said cool, and ran over there.

I was so glad to see him. He came out of it well. He had us all so scared. I went over to him and told him to start taking better care of himself.

The only problem now is his dad wants him to move to New Mexico with him. I don't know if his gf would get to go or not. My boss is going to offer to take him in, and help him out, so he can stay here. Like she said, running to a new state won't help him get over what problems he has. He will just have less supportive(less, as in fewer) people around.

So, he's okay. Until I get my hands on him I'm only kidding, I do want to smack him though. I really hope he will start thinking. I am happy he's okay. He did go home, and he will be resting.
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Tia... You are a very caring friend... This guy is very lucky to be living today because of people like you and others like you that chose to care about him when he didnt care about himself... Hopefully this episode will serve as a wake up call to him and he'll head straight to AA... His life and family are depending on it.
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