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Rant, but a short one.

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My roommates are idiots. They're messy and won't clean up after themselves....they leave their bedroom doors open so the cats have full access to the mess. This has caused problems before, the most memorable of which when Lola was choking on a condom she'd found, but today was even better. I got up to find that one of the cats (can't say who) had had a bowel movement on the bathroom floor, and what do I find in it? A piece of that huge elastic used to keep vegetables together. What the hell is the matter with these people? It's like they don't get that their actions effect anyone else. They're like 24 years old, why is this beyond them? I'm so mad right now I could kill them. I mean, how hard is it to put garbage in the garbage? Anyway, vet says keep an eye on the cats today for changes in behaviour etc, which I'm doing. I don't know what I'm gonna do beyond that. I have to live here for 2 more months. I'm just too angry to even think about it right now.
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some people are idiots period. just think, only two months to go!

why not do what my gran did and throw thier stuf out the window? when my dad was growing up whenever he left stuff lying around he would come home from school/work to find it in the front garden. you never know, they might move out before you do!
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I feel your pain. I was living with a horrific roommate last year. All I can say is keep looking out for your kitties and just tough it out for those last 2 months.
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I dont know if this is feasiblle or not, but a friend of mine used to have to keep her cats in her room all day while she was gone, and then she would let them roam at night once she went around and shut all of the roomates doors (after throwing the bulk of their crap into their rooms).

I'm sorry....room mates can really suck
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I am so sorry. I can definitely sympathize with you- I had a revolving door of roommates in college, few of them being good ones! IF you ever had to take one of your kitties to the vet b/c of them swallowing some of your roomies' trash, I'd hand them the bill for sure! Keep your head up, make it through these next 2 months by reminding yourself how great it will be when you do NOT have to live with these folks, and remember you always have us We won't leave our trash all over the floor!
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I feel for you.. my GF is messy.. I have been training her for years but the treats just don't work anymore! *grin* I hope she never reads this or she might hurt me.
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let's hope your cat survives the encouters with these messy people. Some of what you say you are finding is quite alarming. Obstructions in kitties from them eating foreign objects is an expensive lesson sometimes to learn.
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I know how you feel sweetie... My father isnt really messy but he tends to leave stuff around that could be harmful to Malakai if he swallows them... his vitamins for example... It sucks but it'll be over soon! I agree with Maverick... I would just start throwing their stuff out the window... LoL
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I know how you feel - I hate living with people I don't know, though for the moment I have to until I move to France in the summer. It is one thing making you mad but endangering your cats is something else. I have repeatedly told one of my housemates that Persil is NOT to be let out, as she must not catch any infection or cold until her final Xrays show her diaphragm has healed. But one of them keeps letting her out, and says that she is obviously better as she is jumping around and eating etc. I see red - while I was nursing a dying kitten over Christmas day, she was in Canada having fun with her family. She has no idea what Persil and I went through to bring her back to health and thinks I am a fusspot. Anyway, my bit on this subject. I can't wait till it is just the cats and me.
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Listening to the woes of my son when he was at Uni and what my students tell me - room-mates=trouble. It's always the same and I know it causes so much stress. I think the suggestion of keeping her in your room if poss and only letting her out when supervised is a good one.

Good luck - I hope you manage to work something out.
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Thanks for all the positive thoughts. Unfortunately, I can't keep them in my room....they get very hyper in such a small space, and there's nowhere to keep the litter box or food. I'm gonna do what I can to make sure the doors of my rommates' rooms are kept closed, but I think that's all I can do (other than frequent walk throughs with a garbage bag). If there are vet bills, you can be sure I'll be given them to my roommates. For now I'll just have to clean up and supervise as best I can...
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