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Help! How to get vomit stains out of carpet?

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I'm the proud kittymommy of one-year-old Tux, who's recently been very sick but, thanks to a great vet, is doing better. Unfortunately, he's left vomit traces all over my carpets, and I live in an apartment. What's the best thing to do or use to get these stains out?

Thanks in advance!

Elle (& Tux)
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Had this "Recipe" around but never had to use it.
Why don't you give it a try and let us know how it turned out.

Remove surface deposits. Wipe with damp cloth then squirt with a soda siphon or borax solution (15ml/1 tablespoon to 500ml/1pint warm water). Blot well with absorbent paper to remove excess liquid from carpet. Clean with carpet cleaner, rinse and blot, repeating as necessary.

God luck
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I have a similar problem.. We are moving out of this apartment this weekend. But there are a few cat urine & vomit stains on the carpet (as well as a cup of tea ) I have tried putting borax (didn't use a carpet cleaner afterwards, though) & it didn't work. I also bought several stain removals, but they didn't work either !!

I was thinking about having the carpets cleaned to a professional.. Do you know if they can get rid of the stains ??
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Don't they make do make a lot of claims - don't know if they can follow through.

One other thought though - Have you ever heard of OXY FRESH it's on TV a lot - the claim to so very well with organic stains - would think that falls into that category. You can purchase at places like Shoprite Supermarket, Bed Bath and Beyond & Linen and Things. I have used it to clean groute and believe it or not mold and Mildew off my concrete front porch with wonderful results.

Good Luck

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I've heard from others that the OxyClean or OXY Fresh is excellent for pet accidents. Just be sure you don't use it on wool rugs.
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OxiClean is great for everything, including all types of pet stains. I'd highly recommend it.

The only stain I've ever seen it fail on was 6-month-old coffee stain (with sugar and milk) that had already been treated with a million other things. It did fade it, but not get rid of it completely. The best so far is that it got grease and other "truck dirt" off my new area rug, which was 75% off due to it being "damaged and stained"... Ha! I also use it on ground in dirt and grass stains on my husband's football socks. All the other officials say "Peter, how do you get your whites *so* white?" (hee hee)

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There is a product on the market
called Nature's Miracle that does an
amazing job on pet stains. It contains
an enzyme that actually "eats" the stain
and odor.

I was dubious when I first used it. It's
fairly pricey at the pet stores but,
wow, is it effective! For an older stain
you pour some on the spot, cover with a
damp cloth and leave for 24 hours. The
stain literally vanishes.

Check with your local pet store as there
are a few different products available.
Just make sure it contains enzymes.

As we have 9 cats in the house, I always
keep this stuff on hand.

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Yes, Nature's Mircale does work! I have used it before with great results! I just recently bought myself one of those handheld Bissel steam cleaners for accidents. Seemed to work ok....
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