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I have to ask!

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I feel silly, but as most of you know I only became a cat owner last year. When cats do that thing with their front paws,moving them back n forth looks like they are kneading, and they purr at the same time...what does it mean? (I hope you actually know what I mean lol)
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It's like when they used to knead on their mums tummy when suckling, i think it's a comfort thing because sometimes Rosie does it on her blankie even now
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Hi Ashleigh, I was told that it's the same type of movement that kittens do to their mother when their nursing. Not sure if it's true or not but that's what I've been told. Sure is cute though when they do it, also a good way to determine when it's time to clip their claws! OUCH.
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When Rosie does it it seems to make her fall asleep
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Makes me fall asleep too, when one of my cats does it on my stomach!
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Yeah, it's pummelling!

Tibby does it a lot and it makes him go to sleep too! Although, sometimes he will combine it with a little bit of 'love making'!
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They are really happy and content. My Bobber who is 5 1/2 yrs kneads on Grizzly who will be 9 yrs old and they are unrelated. Bakker who will be 7 months even kneads on Grizzly. Hmmmm maybe I should do that too will it make me content????
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Originally Posted by GailC
Hmmmm maybe I should do that too will it make me content????
LOL! That's a totally different topic!
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It's called milk treading or nipple treading. Kittens do it to their mommas to "pop out" the mommy's nipples to feed.

My cat Hammie milk treads pillows to the point they are all bunched down & smashed. He milk treads blankets, too, and gets his claws caught. I have many-a-blanket that has lil threads sticking out from Hammie's endless searching for nipples.

Or at least, that's what I heard.

One of my other babies milk treads, too... Dusty does it when she crawls up on someone's back or stomach, if ya lay still long enough, she will give you a massage with her furry lil paws.
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Yep it's a comfort & contentment thing. I have two boys that do it to my upper arm & at the same time they will move their mouth around looking for something. (I know I'm their mom, but that's one area I can't fill in). Isaac even drools on my arm while he does it.
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Thanks everyone, I thought maybe it was trying to find mum, but as she didn't do it when really little it made me wonder why now...Indie doesn't do it, but every night, Minx will do it to me, then climb under my quilt and sleep with me, and then she does it to me when she wakes up.
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