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I just wanted to tell everyone that my parents are coming to stay the weekend tomorrow!! YEY!!!! I haven't seem them in about 6 months and I REALLY miss them!! Im sooooo excited I feel like a ten year old!! I think me and mum will have to do some serious girlie shopping!!! YEY YEY YEY!!!!!! I talk to them on the phone but its just not the same ya know?....Ooooo we've got to go shopping tonight to get some food in before they come!! (empty cupboards are not good!) then I'll be doing some serious house cleaning!!! and then, I might even make them some biscuits!! yey!
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I hope you have a great visit!
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Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy !!!!!
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I hope they have a "safe" trip. Enjoy your visit. Maybe they will bring presents . . .
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Bodlover....I am so happy for you!!!!!!! It is so great to hear a story of someone getting to see their parents, who is looking forward to it so much!!! Give them both a big *hug* for me!!!!! Have fun!!!!!!! I envy you!
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It is so great that you have such a good relationship with your parents. That is a real blessing.
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How wonderful for you! My mom and I never could go shopping together - she hated shopping and we had such different taste!

I assume biscuits are cookies? Or "bickies" as my step-dad used to say . . .
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Thanks everyone!! I can't wait!! and Yup, biscuits are cookies!! hee hee, hey I call 'em bickies too!!
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