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kittens by radiator....

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stella gave birth last night to five little ones, a little grey rainbow one grey two black one marble one tiger. it seemed like an easy birth. she had them in a very inconvenient spot however near the radiator, i tried to move them into the box this morning but she ran and got them...now i have to go to work and am nervous about leaving them....anysuggestions?
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Congratulations on the new babies:-). It sounds like Stella chose a nice warm spot for the babies but I can appreciate your concern. Is the radiator one that can be turned off individually? If you can, that would be the first thing to try. Do you have a dark closet that you could set a kitten box into? Hissy has a great idea about using rice-filled sacks that can be heated in the microwave to provide an alternative heat source for the kittens while you move them. Stella may be willing to accept that alternative. In the meantime, if the kittens are not in danger from the radiator's heat, let them be for the day. I am sure other posters will come up with some good suggestions for you.

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i think your gonna have to leave the hun. if not you'll worry Stella and she might move them somewhere even more unsuitible or get stressed and accidently injure them.

if you can maybe confine them to one room or buy a large cat crate with the space for her to move them around in. try setting up a few nest boxes so she can have a choice and some control. good luck!
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Try offering a nice warm box on its side with a towel covering most of it.
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I used a large dog airline kennel when I took in the pregnant stray, that way my other cats couldn't bother the babies and the momma cat felt like she had a nice safe cave for her babies.
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so i went to work, and everything is fine i tried to make the spot stella chose as comfy as possible, the radiator is a bit messed up , but it is off and i covered the spout with an old shirt as it sometimes spits hot water....stella is very hungry and receptive to my pets, the kitties are very cute i will post when i can figure it out... asfor now i will sleep. thank you everyone for there advice in the past few days, it helped alot.....until then
stella's momma
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