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Just a few questions...

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Hi, I am new here. My name is Alissa and I have a black-and-white cat, Oreo. She is just over a year old and is neutered. (Or spayed...I never know which word goes with which sex.) I just have a couple questions about her behavior and if you guys could help me out, it would be greatly appreciated.

1. Why does she like to roll over and show me her belly, only to curl up and bite at me when I try to pet her there?
2. Sometimes, after we play, her face gets all stiff and her tounge sticks out a little...Sometimes she makes a coughing/hissing sound too. What does this mean?
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Welcome to TCS!

When Oreo rolls over and shows their belly and attacks you after you reach in to pet, it's because thats a fighting position, not a submissive position. They are showing claws and teeth and getting them ready to use in combat... or play combat, either way it can still hurt. At least thats my understanding of what they are doing.

I am not sure about the tongue..
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Rosie does that to me and i think it's her way off saying she doesn't want her tummy rubbed because her tail goes as well!.

I also read in a couple of books i have that when they relax on their back like that it's a sign that their content and happy!

Both of mine lie like that and will wash their left paw first, then switch over to the right paw, then back to the left paw and so on...

I can't answer question 2 though?
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It looks as though question one has been sorted!

The second question, I would hazard a guess that maybe Oreo is hot and tired after play. She could be trying to pant because she is hot and requires a drink?

Have you tried offering her a drink when she is doing this? It might be worth a try!

Also, is she playing with things that she holds in her mouth? Maybe it is this that is dring her mout out or it could be something that doesn't agree with her. I would also try different toys made from different materials!

Hope this helps a little! Let us know how things are going!
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Thank you for your replies!

So when she rolls over and shows her belly, that's not a "come and pet me!" position, that's a pre-attack position...?
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I don't know pre attack, mine just look so relaxed when their lying on their backs with their tummies exposed with a "not a care in the world" look about them
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From the experiences with mine there are at least two different reasons why they roll over on their backs. The first is that they are very relaxed and happy, and welcome having their chest between their front legs scratched and sometimes their tummies. The second is that they are trying to entice me or one of their housemates to play. It isn't really 'pre-attack' but an invitation that, if you follow up on it, will lead to some 'fun kitty wrestling' - at least for the cat:-). You can play with her when she does that by using a stuffed toy and putting it between her front paws. She should start to 'play wrestle' with it which keeps both her happy and you uninjured:-).

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the belly is a bit of a minefield to be honest! even when she offers the belly try stroking her head first as there are a few less weapons up that end!
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You can often tell from the position of the head and hte expression whether they want a play wrestle or a tummy rub. If the head is relaxed and lying back, and hte paws are widely separated, and hte cat has a happy relaxed look on its face, often with the eyes partly closed, then it is probably asking to be petted. If the cat is watching you intently and the paws are aimed in your general direction, sometimes with the tail lashing slowly, then the cat is expecting a mock attack. In my siggie Dushka is having a tummy rub and you can see her expression is totally relaxed.
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