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Indie and Minx latest pics

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Took these with my phone, just thought i'd show you how they are growing If they are too big apologies and you may remove the thread...I don't know how to resize

Minx just waking up

Indie (after ' hiding ' his collar)

Sleeping with shelby, my old dog

Naughty mummy waking them sticking the cam in their faces! ignore Indies collar! he now has a new one, he destroy's them all!
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oh what beauties
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Awww! Gorgeous pictures! They are both so beautiful!

I love the picturs of Indie and Minx sleeping with Shelby, how adorable!
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Unusual for minx (I can't stop calling her minkymoo!) She prefers my wardrobe! but Indie loves the dog and is always hanging around her.
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Awwwww Ashleigh their gorgeous!!! Especially the last two pictures with the dog

Ashleigh, how do you get your camera phone pictures that big?. A guy at work downloads them for me but mine only come out about 2" square
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susan its the settings on the phones.
Sometimes mine come out huge
and other times small. Just under 20 or 30 kb!

Your kittens are beautiful!
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Oh right!, thanks Fwan!
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hehe I'm glad I didn't have to answer, I have no idea! keep finding new things to do on that phone all the time, still confuses me.

Thanks for all your nice comments, oh and how could I have forgot to tell you!! Remember their circumstances? Well all that rotten womens cats were taken away and re-homed I wish I knew where i'd love to see Indie and Minx's black and white siblings...but as long as they are safe, and mum is safe I'm all ended well.
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Thats great Ashleigh!, do you know who took them?
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i love the new pics! Minx and Indie sure are growing up.
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Rosiemac, RSPCA took them...They have been re-homed, but to whom I have no idea...But with all the checks nowdays, I least know they will be with a good family.
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How cute! Thanks for sharing those great pics!
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They are both beautiful.
Nice pics.
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Thankyou all, they have certainly put some happiness back in our lives
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Aw they are so cute!
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Indie and Minx are such cutie pies! I really love the last picture of them just waking up, so cute!
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