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Look alikes

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The thread about "mirror image" cats sort of inspired me to post these photos of QT and Wawa.
They're not related but Wawa is obsessed with her. The other day I saw him sneak a kiss (nose-2-nose or maybe lips-2-lips).



Any of you have "twins" you care to share?
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WOW, Yayi! They really are SO similar! You'd think they were the same kitty! Do you ever get them mixed up?!

I'd love to see more 'twins'!
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Awww Yayi - they're gorgeous. I wonder if Wawa's just really vain and thought he was kissing himself OR you may just have a case of true love in the house
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I couldnt tell them appart at first untill i looked at the markings on their head!

I think teufel's twin on this site is ebony
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Wow, they look alike.
Nice pics.
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They're both so beautiful! They do look very similar but I can tell Wawa looks more feminine. I wish you could get a pic of QT kissing Wawa, I'd love to see that! I'll bet it's a cute sight!
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OMG! if you didn´t tell us i really think they´re twins!!!!! Are cute pics lovely!!!!!
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you would think my two are litter mates but there is a years difference and both were rescues from different citys. In dark areas I have trouble seeing which is which but they have such defferent personalitys.
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Here is a seeing double picture
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Here's Winnie and Stormy, they look alike but they are twins!!

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Urgh - we have to have different collars on our boys to tell them apart!!! But they are littermates. We've spent about six months now looking for any details that may be different but have only so far found one!!! (On Chase's side he has a stripe where Hunter has a few spots).
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Someone posted a picture that looked like Elmer, but I lost track of it.. it was simply stunning it looked so much like him. Apparently he has a fairly popular/common look to him I guess.
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