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Cat went insane:(

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I apologize for such a long post. But thanks for any help you can give me.

I have a female 6month old indoor kitten named Black Mamba (yes i know no wonder see went insane). We found her outside our house in the bushes she must not have been any older thans 3 days old. Over the next couple of months we (very carefully) hand fed her and such. Well when she was about 2 mounths old our landlord found her and made us send her to my wifes parents. Recently (about a month ago) we purcased our first and and got her back. She is normally a very active and aggressive cat. But always in a playful aggressive way. When we moved into the house we also took my wifes childhood cat with us. A 15 year old female. Mamba and Lucy (15y) since we moved in have been very unfriendly. Well the other day i come home from being out and I hear a cat scream (bone shrilling). And i thought Mamba and Lucy must really be at it. Well I found Mamba and she was under the bed (like normal) but very aggressive toward me. So i went and got a treat (can food) to get her out to see if she was ok. And about 5 mins later i hear the nose again but this time it keeps going. I run into the bed room to find her flopping around screaming fliping out with no one around. So I shut her in there and I hear her screaming eccessivly for 10 mins or so I could hear her jumping around breaking thing she had no control it didnt seem. So I call the vet and he says to bring her in. I finally am able to get near her and grab her with towel and get her in a case. The whole time there shes going crazy (she sounded like a demon possesed creature). Well I got her to the vet and he had to put her to sleep (not death but subdue her) to examin her. And the next day when she woke up there same thing. It has now been 24 hours since the incident. She is still at the vets but he doesnt know what is wrong with her. She is still aggressive towards anything coming near her.

My question is has anyone ever seen this behaivor before. Intially when it happened I thought rabies. But she has gotten a little better since last night. The vet seems to think it is not a possibility for an indoor cat. I am very worried that she has just gone insane if thats even a possibility. Thank you for any insight anyone may have.
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While I highly doubt that your kit went insane, I really don't know what to begin to say.
Other than you did the right thing by getting her to the vet, hopefully he can figure this one out.
Maybe someone here will come along that can shed a bit more light on your situation, please keep in mind its quite late for a lot of our members so you may not get a response right away

Please keep us updated ok?

And if you have any questions about the site, I can help you out there, just PM me
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Oh my I hope she's going to be ok, but I can't speak to anything you said, Good Luck
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Poor baby. Mamba must be so frightened.
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Thanks for the reply's. And sorry for the saga of bad grammer its late for me. I will keep you informed.
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Please do, thank you!
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Well, it seems like your cat may be having some sort of seizure, but I don't know. The strange part, it seems like this happened ever since you moved. please keep us informed, I am very curious as to what the vet has to say. I hope Mamba is ok
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Poor Mamba!
Did you ask your wife's parents if Mamba ever behaved that way when she was with them?
Please keep us informed.
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Poor Mamba!

Is it possible that she got a hold of something poisonous in the new house, or chewed an electrical cord and received a shock? I don't know exactly what things would cause seizures like the ones you describe, but perhaps that is something to consider as well.

Good luck in finding out what is happening. I hope Mamba makes a full recovery and soon.

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Poor Mamba!

I was also going to suggest that there may be something in the new place that is causing the problem, maybe cleaning products that were used before you moved in or some sort of poison. Maybe there is a gas leak or something that has affected her?

I hope you find out what is the cause and Mamba makes a full recovery soon!

Please do keep us informed!
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Good wishes going out for little Mamba. I hope ya'll get things figured out soon. Poor Kit. Let us know what happens.
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She is still at the vet's. I just talked to him and she is now not eating or drinking anything And is still overly aggressive. He would just send her home and have me keep her in a room alone, but it seems that rabies is still a possiblity in his mind. Unfortunatly I have to make a decision today as vet's are most expensive then I imagined. I just dont want to put her down unless it is the only option to make sure she doesnt die in pain. Well I'll keep yall updated thanks for the kind words.
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Could she have had a seizure? Maybe its been an underlying problem, and the stress of moving caused it. I have my childhood cat, and I moved her with me when I got married a year ago, and she'll be 16 this year. She hid the first week until she got used to the sounds and things. But she didnt react that way. Maybe talk to your vet or look online and see if you can find anything on seizures.
Good Luck, and I hope shes okay.
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Well I got back from vet's. They let me get on a payment plan so the finances are OK. She is going to stay there one more day. He going to subdue her again and try to feel for any problems (broken bone,contipation, ext.). We still both just dont see the possiblity of rabies a factor sense she has always been an indoor cat. He said that one possibilty may be that she is epilipic. Or she had a seizure. And this would answer why she was so aggressive. And a major possibility for her still being so mad is that she is in a unknown place for her. But we will find out more tomorrow. Thanks everyone for the good addvice and support. Its hard when our kitty's have issues
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Any news on Mamba today? I'm so sorry - this sounds awful. I hope she pulls through. Can they not test for Rabies (sorry if this is a thick question but we dont have Rabies in the UK)?
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here is a link about epliepsy in cats. maybe you could see if the symptoms match?
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I would get her to another vet, a feline specialist. Ask for a full bloodwork panel to be done, tox screen the works. Your kitty is not insane, she is in pain. Whether from an injury done by your other cat, or perhaps she fell off of a high spot and landed wrong. But I would not keep her with the vet who is telling you this could be rabies.
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Originally Posted by Jaspercat
Any news on Mamba today? I'm so sorry - this sounds awful. I hope she pulls through. Can they not test for Rabies (sorry if this is a thick question but we dont have Rabies in the UK)?
theres no rabies in the UK?? thats so weird that stuff like that (diseases and what not) are isolated by countries oo i learned something... I'm sorry about the kitty, what Hissy says makes a lot of sense. I know humans will go into extreme... aggression I guess, for lack of a better word, when in terrible pain, and will revert to a very wild state - on the hospital shows (real, not traumatized) it'll show people who've been in car accidents, or suffered extreme trauma, and almost all of them were either motionless or writhing around uncontrollably so that others had to hold them down. I could see a cat having the same reactions for pain - plus, dont cats generally like to be alone when injured and stuff? At least that would explain why she wont let you near her w/o a fight
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Well Mamba is now home The vet diagnosed her with Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome. Which all of her symptoms match. He also put her on prozac. Which over time makes the effect of FHS happen less often. Up to 95% less often once she has been on it for 12 months. This seems to be great news...but FHS is still a hard thing to cope with. We are happy to have her back at home. We are still a little worried about the violent behiavor during a attack. Well we can just hope for the best. Thanks for all your help and advice. Look forward to be part of this great community. Thanks
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Be careful is all I will say. Make sure if they switch meds on your cat, that they do it slowly and give it enough time to get the old stuff out of her system before they try her on another med-

This was written after my experience with the this frustrating diagnosis-
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I did some reading about this disorder.This is a good link.
It's great news you found the cause and cure for Mamba!
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Hissy I read that and it made me very sad. We are going to do our best to document the daily differences in Mamba. To see if the meds are working correctly. Today she has had no major attacks. She has attacked her tail a few times but when that happens we try to get her attention and play with her. It seems that alot of toys are helping. I still cannot bring our other cat in the same room because they get in a tiff. And the stress of the tiff tends to set Mamba off. So the doctor recomended to wait about a month and by then the meds should start to kick in and start trying to find Mamba a good play buddy. And so it happens i found out today that a good friend has a litter that he needs to get homes for. So that should work out good another kitten closer to her age to play with can be a very good thing for cats with this disorder. Well I must say the smartest thing that we did in this situation was not to act to hastily and wait it out.
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