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Seeking adoption advice

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Hi everyone,

I am new to this site and am seeking advice. Last night, I put my 4 year old cat, Jack, to sleep. Apparently, he was in kidney failure. I'm having a really tough time dealing with this because this was my first cat -- my others were growing up in my parent's house...and he was mine. I never thought I would have to make that type of decision when he was so young, but I know I did the right thing. Every time I think I'm done crying, something else triggers me and I cry again.

As I look at my empty apartment, I think about adopting 2 kittens. During the week, I am out of the house from about 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., so I am very hesitant on getting kittens that are too young. I was only thinking about getting one, but since my roommate and I aren't here during the day, I thought two would be better so they can keep each other company. My goal is to adopt siblings, but I am trying to figure out how old. I'd like to get them when they're young and playful -- but I'm not sure what to do. Can anyone give me any advice? I thought 5-6 months old might be okay, but I wanted to see what you guys might think...

Any help or advice you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

- C
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Sorry to hear of your loss. We lost our beloved Simba to liver failure just about one year ago now.

You will get some great advice from some very knowledgeable people here, but I would suggest you adopt perhaps 2 cats from a shelter who may be a bit older but still playful and in need of a home.
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Sorry about your loss.
Definately check out the shelters, they always seem to have siblings in together. As far as the playful thing is concerned, they're always playful at any age(just like humans!)
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older cats are more greatful, and need less training. they can also be more loving. i'd definitly reccomend getting two!
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First let me say I am truely sorry for your loss, it is a very hard thing to deal with, but at least there is a tad bit of comfort in the fact that you know you did the right thing, and there is no continued suffering.

My suggestion is, you get cats a bit older, even year old cats can be playful, and leaving 2 kittens home alone for a long period of time daily will lad to a mess, without proper time to train them, it will take alot longer. Shelters normally pair cats that get along in the same cages, so ask the shelter help advice, and I am sure they will point you in the right direction. Getting 2 is a fantastic idea.
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I am very sorry to hear of your loss, it is never an easy thing to deal with. I hope your able to remember all the good memories and times with joy.

Yep, a shelter sounds like a good idea. Surely they take in cat familys often.
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I am extremely sorry for your loss. It's hard when kitties have to leave us at such a young age, but I am sure Jack knew how much you loved him.
As far as adoption...I, too, am a big advocate of adopting cats through animal shelters. As far as your schedule goes, I'd try to adopt the kitties when you will be able to be home for several days (maybe when you have a long weekend or vacation) because, even though they will have each other for company, they will still need to bond with their new meowmy and be shown around their new home. Good luck with the adoption and be sure to keep us all updated
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I'm so sorry about your loss. I also agree with everyone saying to consider a shelter and getting a young adult cat. They do require alot less training and you get a better idea of their true personality. When I got my second cat she was approximately 18 months and she was much easier to take care of. She was still playful and really affectionate. I have a 9 and 10 year old cat and they still play as hard as kittens.
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I would also go with a pair of slightly older cats, maybe 6 months or older. I have found that the cats I've had get along much better in pairs. I'm gone most of the day, either in class or at work. When I had just one cat on two separate occasions they both acted up. When I brought in a new addition everything went great.

I'm very sorry to hear about the loss of your cat. It's such a terrible thing to experience.
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I just want to wish you good look with your seek! I´m very so sorry about your loss...
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First of all, I just wanted to thank you all for your kind words. I never realized I would get so much support from a bunch of strangers, but I like knowing that there are people like you out there.

I posted on another local website today asking if anyone had kittens that they might be giving up in the next few weeks, preferably siblings. A woman quickly responded (she is a foster mother for cats) that she had 4 brothers from the same litter, two of which she was keeping and the other two she was putting up for adoption. They are 6 months old and she is having them fixed in the next couple of weeks -- she will give them up once they are healed. One is gray and and the other is a gray/white tiger. I will be meeting them on Saturday afternoon, and if I like them, this woman will give them up for free. I'm really looking forward to it, and if I like them, I will adopt them on the spot, although I will not have them until they are healed from surgery.

I really thought I'd want to wait on getting new kittens, but I have this emptiness in my house and I know I'll feel better when they are around. I thought I saw Jack sitting on the sink last night out of the corner of my eye -- and I thought I heard him meow tonight....I think I'm losing it a little bit, but I suppose that's normal....

I'll let you all what happens....thanks again for posting. You have all made me feel a lot better.

- C
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I'm so sorry. You are not loosing it. Many of us "see" and "hear" our rainbow bridge kitties many years after.
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