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Bert's Story

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I just wanted to share something I found in another forum yesterday. It's about a cat named Bert who was kidnapped and then horribly abused.

Read Bert's story.

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This is when saying an eye for an eye comes reall easy!!!
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Stories like these just scare me to death and are the reason I will never let my cats go outside without my supervision. Who ever did this will surely spend the eternity of his after like burning in hell
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I have always kept my cats indoors too, that way, there is no chance an inhuman monster, like the one who abused Bert, can get to them!!!!!
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I have indoor cats that never go out, but I also have 2 (semi-ferals) and I, literally, hold my breath each Halloween; hoping that Cindy/Cindy and Morning Glory will show up for feeding the morning after. They basically don't warm up to anyone else but myself and Dorothy and Sandra; which is good. They are +8yrs old; so they have become pretty savvy at surviving. I had them both spayed and given shots and I try to see that they are inside my basement in cold or wet weather, but I still worry about them when there are MONSTERS, like this idiot who abused Bert; running around loose.
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The guy who did that should be tortured as horribly as Bert was. Lets do a remake of the Pit and the pendulum only make it a real blade!
That SOB doesn't deserve the lifes breath he was given! I tell you what, if it was me, I'd find that SOB and give him a cocktail that would make him suffer just like he made that cat!
I hope he doesn't get off with a slap on the wrist like so many animal abusers do!
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Poor Bert I hope they punish the :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor: who did that to her.....
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I've had my daily cry now.

What kind of monster could do this? Every time I read a story like this I feel sick and amazed.

Please God, let them punish the "man" (I use that term very loosely) that did this!
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If there ever was a case for keeping your cats as indoor only pets..this is one! I'd like to have the a**hole who did that in a room alone and tied to a chair for about 10 minutes. He'd see what it felt like to be that poor little cat. You know, people (and I use the term loosely) who do these kinds of things to animals and children push me over the edge. I'm fuming here.
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I was teetering on whether or not I wanted to read the story, but after reading all of your remarks, I've decided to skip it. I'm actually feeling pretty jovial right now and don't want to start crying. I seem to be doing that too much lately.
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That's one of the reasons why I keep my cats indoors. There are too many whackjob sickos out there. Poor Bertie. At least she's not in anymore pain.

Yes, this IS where An Eye for an Eye comes in.

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Poor little Bert....I hope they find the guy who did this....
I am just so sick of all the @$%*#$ out there that treat cats or any innocent animals this way! This is so sad!!!!!!!
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