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Dog in car

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Hey Mark-

Our German Shepherd dog Kenai is a wonderful dog. She is 5 years old, fully trained, and she goes with us everywhere. We taught her at an early day to stay inside the truck and "Guard" even with all the windows opened, and sometimes even the tailgate. Today, as usual she went with us to the feed store. We had all the windows open and she was inside. She will not bark, she does not snap at other dogs or people, and she will put her head outside the window and watch others, but she is not aggressive.

I was coming back to the truck with supplies when to my amazement I saw a women reach INTO the truck to pet Kenai who was watching her intently and growling! I yelled at the woman and asked her what she was doing and she said she "wanted to pet the nice doggy!" Had she put her hand inside the truck, she would have been bit, because that is Kenai's truck and she guards it. If that had happened, would we have been liable for that dog bite? And what kind of idiot would try and pet a strange dog anyway?
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I have no idea what people must be thinking I am not afraid of any animal, just always careful, and especially when they are in someone's car or truck, number 1 she had no business doing that, maybe you need a little sign do not touch this truck or it's contents or you may draw back a nub
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In California you would be liable for the dog bite, even though the woman was acting irresponsibly (IMHO) by sticking her hands inside of your vehicle to pet the dog. You can do a google search of your state laws to find out what they are. What you may want to do is check with your insurance agent about getting some sort of liability insurance.
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Sorry, you would probably take it on the chin. While the "victim" is certainly guilty of negligence and (if she stuck her hand IN your car) criminal trespass, you would most likely be sued and go through a great deal of aggravation. First of all, admitting that your dog will bite places you in a poor position if you are sued. It shows that you had knowledge of your dog's tendencies BEFORE the bite occurred and they could then put you on the spot for leaving you windows open. Consider getting or manufacturing some type of screen cover (just like a storm window) for you truck. That way you can leave the windows down and if someone's hand gets inside, its obvious that they were where they weren't supposed to be.
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We have a screened canopy so no worries here however any one that gets even remotely close to the truck will get quite the scare. One day we made the mistake of parking the truck directly in front of the entrance to a restaraunt. Well to say the least it was quite funny, and embarrasing watching people walk by only to have 3 rabidly barking dogs at them. One woman almost fell over. Funny that my dogs wouln't hurt a flea but they are very protective of thier vehicles.
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