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Trick or Treaters

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Just had to share a photo of my darling trick or treaters last night. My daughter had a BLAST, she was the hit with her kitty costume. She said "tricky treat" at every door and then told everyone "Happy weeny". It was so cute.

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Absolutely adorable! Did you find that there were less kids coming around this year. We had 1/2 the kids as normal and we are in a large family-oriented neighbourhood.
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We only had about 10 kids this year. We are on a MAJOR road, right across from a school. It was eerie how quiet it was!!!!!!
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Cute picture! We had very nice mild weather here last night. I had a lot more trick-or-treaters than usual. I even ran out of candy, that usually never happens!!!
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what a cute little kitty!
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They sure were cute! Don't you love dressing them up for Halloween? My daughter (5) was an angel. She was so excited because I used mousse in her hair and put makeup on her. My son (almost 3) was a dinosaur. He keeped running around with his hands out as claws yelling "raaaaar." Too cute.

I don't know if we had many trick or treaters this year because we were at our church's Fall Festival all night. I didn't see many around the neighborhood though, and it's ususally hard just to drive down the street on Halloween because of all the kids. There sure were a lot of kids up at the church though.
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Best costume of the night. There were twin girls that came by about 4 yrs old. One was dressed as an angel and one was dressed as a devil. I wonder if it matched there personality.
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Aw, thanks everyone for your sweet words about my kids! I know this is a cat site, but I couldn't help but post my babies on there.
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I forgot to say, what a handsome spiderman!
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Thanks, he had a mask too, but I made him take it off for the photo so you can see his cute little face! Plus, Davina HATED The mask, and was crying everytime he went to put it on.
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ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE ! ! ! (both SpiderMan and KittyGirl) :angel2:
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Your kids are adorable! I love your daughter's kitty costume. I have pajamas almost like that. Ask her if I can borrow her costume for next year.

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So I borrowed the phrase from Rosie, it works for this photo!
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It sure does! What darling children!
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Ok, you guys are all too kind!! I figured I wouldn't get any responses since is just two rugrat kids!! LOL
But thanks to all of you for you kind compliments. And thanks for letting me show them off!
PS. DONNA, you can borrow them anytime, but only if you promise to come here and pick them up Deal???
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It's a deal!

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