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Ezri and any liquid

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Hi Everybody,
I have what is turning into a real problem, my Ezri who is a little over a year old now has start tipping over anything that has liquid in it. We have those water dishes that use a 2-liter bottle and over it goes, a glass of soda and splash anything she can tip she does. After she tips it, she just sits there looking at you like she is waiting for praise at her great accomplishment. I've tried everything I can think of to stop her short of a rolled up newpaper (this was recommended by my mother, not my style) and nothing works. Of course the fact that I'm smiling cause she is just so proud of herself I'm sure doesn't help. Does anyone know why all of a sudden she would start doing this and/or how to stop her?
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Sounds like your little one has found a great new fun thing to do, and it is amusing the fur off her! The best I can say is to keep reinforcing the fact that she is not supposed to behave this way, and keep all glasses etc...that can be tipped out of her way.
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As goofy as this sounds, some cats have obsessive compulsive disorder. Rene has a cat who will hunt a glass of water down. She has had to start using water bottles so that he cant get into them. You may want to consider cups with lids. Otherwise I am sure this means playtime. Mom gets after me and pays lots of attention to me when I do this. Maybe when she does this, give a firm no...put her down elsewhere and walk away from her.
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my cat does almost the same thing only he tries to drink from the glasses, he loves tea. he also loves it when my daughter or husband is taking a bath. he has jumped in three times. he loves it when the toilet is flushed to, he will run to it when ever its flushed from different rooms. whats up with that? i thought cats hated water!!
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All the cats I know are fascinated by water (as long as they're not in it )

TimeliestKitty, I'm glad you didn't follow your mom's advice. Cats don't learn from punishment - it only makes them afraid of you.

I think that you may want to get your kitty more toys and invest some time in daily sessions of interactive playtime. Oh, and at least for a while, use a heavy bowl for her drinking water (one that she can't tip over) and keep all the glasses etc. away from her.
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