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Here's Sash

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This is for you Chris, Stephaine and Sierra and anyone else who would like to see me! Hope you enjoy my pictures!

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Very cute, Nice pic
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Well I thought I just posted??? It's hell getting old , I guess

Anyway, I love you Sash boy and I'm so glad your Mom posted some more pictures for the world to see.

Oh yes, Georgie said to tell you "Hi"
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Oh Sash is such a darling!
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Oh, Sash, you're such a gorgeous little boy, and we love you so much! We could just sit here and admire your beautiful face and lovely markings all day long! Sierra is enjoying each one of them! Thank you soooo much, Lisa, these are incredibly wonderful!
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What a handsome hunk of feline!!!
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He's beautiful, he looks like he's good to cuddle!
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Ooohhh handsome Sash - Adelaide sends a big miaow!
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Aww how gorgeous i'd wanna cuddle him all day!
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i want to cuddle him too!!!
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He's GORGEOUS! Penelope and Molly want to know if he's single?
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Sash is a big boy! Great pics, Lisa! How much does Sash weigh?
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Awww! How cute! I love Sash!
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He's gorgeous, I love big cats.
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Thank you, thank you everyone for the nice compliments! I'm sooo glad you liked the pictures my mommy posted!

Kelly, I weigh around 16 pounds and mommy is trying to get me to lose some weight and I'm NOT too happy
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