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As soon as I get in Indie and Minx fly down the stairs to greet me, Indie will meow for a cuddle (especially when Alan comes home)and he likes to kiss.. And minx will wrap around my legs chattering away, then she'll go on her hind legs and paw you to be picked up, meanwhile the dog will wait patiently in the background, as if she knows she may tread on them, once the dogs had her kiss she'll go lay down, Indie will chill out and Minx will follow me and talk away, it's the best feeling in the world.
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Angel is always at the door meowing when I get home. Once I'm inside he walks up to the couch and uses it for a scratching post. Then he goes into the kitchen and meows for a special treat, which is usually a little bit of canned chicken.
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I get so frustrated with people when they say that cats don't have personalities. Every cat I have ever owned has been so different.

For my current cats...

Boss: He sits at the top of the stairs and acts cool but he talks to me all the time... love how he looks me in the eyes.

Peka: She will meet us at the door... always. Also very vocal. My cat that passed, Simba, well, DH used to watch her go to the door about 5 minutes before I would arrive. It's like she KNEW I was coming... even if I was only running up to the store, she just KNEW. Peka has a special meow for my son (she loves my son)... it's completely different than what she says to me...

Nala: She only greets me upstairs... that is her castle - our bedroom.

I just read in a book recently that you should *NOT* encourage your cat to be vocal... well poo on that! I love them being vocal and talking to me...
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Juice greets me every time I come home!!! Then he starts chirping and begging for food. He thinks he should be fed like a billion times a day. However, the vet disagrees with him. "His belly is beginning to get saggy"
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Its so fun to read all of these, it's one of my favorite times of day to come home and be greeted. He's so silly!
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My kitties are wusses! They all start to run when someones at the door...even me!
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Zoey greets me faster than my gigi( who is a dog) ..... Kandie could care less she heads to her food dish
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Isis runs to the door when she hears me coming up the apt stairs, and waits with her front end stretched out like she scratching the floor, like she just happened to be clawing the carpet by the door when I came home then she follows me around, mauwing till I sit down and give her a few good head butts
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Absolutely! All three were at the door tonight! I greet them of course, too! Marcellus lifts his head for his kiss. Wallace butts and rubs my face, practically knocking me over and Lewis likes a pet and a cuddle.
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Yep, he runs to the door when he hears it. He just started doing it the last two days though so I think he is lonely.
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Princess and Patsy always greet me when I get home. They both have to have to tell me all about their day. Princess also like to greet me to see what I might be bringing home. She has to search every bag, box or purse that comes in. Even my feral cats come to say Hi when we get home.
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Jameson was almost always on my bed when I'd get home. Somehow, he figured out that, even though I love him to pieces, I don't really want him to be all lovey (in a guy, hug you and slap you on the back because that's the only way guys can hug, way) until I put my bag down, take my shoes off, and sit down. Then he's all up on my lap. We usually take a nap then, even if he was asleep when I walked in.

Bast runs from wherever she was to the chair that's closest to the door, runs around to the side opposite the door, jumps on the arm, then the back, and presents her head to be scratched.

I miss my kitties so, can't wait to see them again.
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Imogen, my new cat, DOESN'T. She'll meow at me, but won't leave her seat.

Beazy will jump to the window when she hears my car and mew and mew until the door is unlocked. When we were in a flat in a remodelled school, she'd stick her paw under the door and bat at my ankles.

Another cat who was allowed outside would come and run alongside the car when I pulled in the driveway. He wouldn't go into the street, but would wait for the car to enter our drive and bound across the lawn. Then he'd wind round my ankles and follow me up the path to the front door meowing and telling me all about his day.

It's nice to be missed, isn't it?
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