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Does your cat greet you?

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..at the door? Mine does, I have never had a cat who does this before. He is a lone cat so I know that has something to do with it. But it's very cute.
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All 5 of mine do! Some days I can barely get in the door because I have 5 cats circling my ankles trying to get my attention.

And Thomas has this bad habit of trying to climb the back of my leg. He doesn't seem to realize that my leg is NOT a tree trunk and it DOES hurt when he buries his claws into the back my thigh!
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Tyger (RIP) used to great me voraciously, but he was a lone cat, so I think he got lonely.

Of the two I have now, the male (Godzilla) will greet me, but not too intensly. I always find him sitting on the arm of the sofa by the door very calmly. The female (mea) doesn't say hi until I open a can of food...
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All of mine do as well:-). Tails up in the air, they come running from wherever they were sleeping hoping to see what I have for them. Lion and Bear are the first and the rest follow:-).

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Sierra greets me at the door the moment I arrive home! I pick her up and we cuddle for a while. She rests her little head on my shoulder and purrs in my ear while I rub her. Then, she tells me all about her day! Nomatter what has gone on the rest of the day, any stress just fades away. Sierra brightens my entire world!
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Mine jumps on table and gives me a kiss
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Chynna runs to greet my husband when he comes in from work. Me I get her all day so I am lucky if she says anything to me coming in.
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oh goodness yes! Leo does! As soon as I slamp the front door, you can hear him jumping off the bed from upstairs and running down the stairs.... : ) He gets really excited and twitters..
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I'ts so cute!

Have you seen the bumper sticker "I want to be the person my dog thinks I am " I hope they start doing one with cat, I will get it for sure!
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Baylee used to but that was before we got Max. She would run up to me, rub my legs, headbutt me and then follow me around.

Now when I get home she and Max just stare at me.
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Originally Posted by pinkdaisy226
Baylee used to but that was before we got Max. She would run up to me, rub my legs, headbutt me and then follow me around.

Now when I get home she and Max just stare at me.
I am sure its not you, it's just they have each other now. Since mine is alone I htink he literally mostly wants the company!
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Limerick does every day. He actully watches for me from his window perch cat tree thing. It's really cute. My dog would just stick her face around the corner then go back to lay down. haha... she was a good dog.
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Yeh my boys are relentless!!! Dean says when he's home already as soon as they hear the garage door they run and start yowling and howling!!!!
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With Hunter and Cougar, they come to greet me if they're hungry. Otherwise, they stay snuggled on the bed...
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Simon always comes to me. He sometimes decides I'm taking too long to come in the house, and will stand on the inside of the door and yodel at me. LOLOL! Once I'm in, I scoop him up and get my kisses...these days, they're very vital.

Esse stays on the table until I come and hug her, and Pie and Charlotte might come if it's not too inconvenient. Pengy doesn't run and hide when I come home, which is as good as greeting me.

Like someone said above, the stress and tension of the day are hard to hold onto when you're lovin' on a kitty...and they're lovin' on you right back.

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Yes, Seamus greets me. He's always so cuddly when I get home. Purring and rubbing his head under my chin, making little baby mews. It's so precious for a couple of minutes. Then he bites my hand and runs off, wanting me to chase him.
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My kitties don't but the dogs do.
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Our last cat would wait at the door for my mom. She always knew when mom left work because she'd sit on the trashcan that's next to the back door for 15 minutes, and as soon as she heard the car (even when it was about 8 houses away) she'd start caterwalling. She'd do the same thing when mom left to run errands. (My mom learned that the only way to keep Eby from being mad for 3 days after a bath was to leave the house right afterwards for a few hours. Eby was so happy that mom came home that she'd forget completely about the bath.) Of course, Eby hated everyone but my mom, so I never got this treatment. She'd walk by me when I got him if she had been alone all day, and even then I felt extremely honored.

The 3 Mousekateers come running to the stove when my mom gets home, because that's where we keep their food bowls between feedings. When I get home they come running to greet me, though. L.S. is there when I open the door, folowed by Hans running up the stairs from the cellar, and then Merlin, stumbling into the room because he's been sleeping. I plunk down on the floor and do huggles all around. I love it. (I'd rather come home early to my cats that go party all night. Some college student I am. )
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Yes, Tiger greets me all the time. He also meows like he is fussing because I was gone too long or something...he is just a cutie!!
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Rosie and Sophie hear my key going in the door when i get home, and i can hear Sophie crying before i've even locked the door

As soon as i run upstairs to let them out their room Sophies already pushing herself out the door purring and headbutting my legs, and Rosie, well Rosie just wants her wet food so loves off her come later!!
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My little raggie, Jake greets me all the time and I love it! I can see his little white body behind the porch door and it always makes me smile my other cat Tigger never greets us, we have to go and find him, usually asleep on my sons bed
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My cat, Oreo, almost always greets me. I live in an apartment and as I reach the landing by the door, I can always the bell of her collar as she trots up to the door to meet me. When put the key in the lock, she meows a little bit. When I open the door and step inside, she takes a step back and meows. Her tail is up and she is so happy...It's so cute. And it makes me feel loved, LOL.
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Both my boys know when I should get home so they'll both be sitting at the door, it's so sweet to come home to them looking up at me. If I'm out they come running as soon as I open up the door. Samwise wants love and Gandalf wants the food bowl refilled then love.
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Meish will run to the door when she hears the keys outside. She's adorable. She is used to me being home with her so when I'm gone longer then an hour she greets me and meows. Its like she is saying " where have you been? I thought you'd never return."
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Oh, definitely. Chloe comes running when she hears my voice or my husband's!
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Originally Posted by pinkdaisy226
Baylee used to but that was before we got Max. She would run up to me, rub my legs, headbutt me and then follow me around.

Now when I get home she and Max just stare at me.

"oh, its you then."

Sorry, I know that must make you sad, but it is kinda cute. My friend Lexilou (doesn't post so much anymore) says that if you want a cat for companionship you should never get two because they wont need you anymore

Adelaide makes a mad dash for the door when she hears someone put a key in the lock. She comes for a knock too most of the time! She isn't terribly interested in going outside, just in seeing who has come to visit her. She really likes to sleep in a rag bucket that I have in our laundry room and on top of the cabinets so when I come home and put the key in I hear a really loud THUD and I know she is on her way
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Eb definitely waits for us to come home. She always comes running when she hears the keys in the door. And as soon as we get in the door she start squaking to us about her day and everything she has been doing. Its too cute. Aren't kitties the greatest?!
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Hammie greets us every single day when we get home. We enter through the basement/garage, and as we head up the steps, we ALWAYS see that orange and white lil head with the big green eyes staring down at us through the Catdoor in the basement door!!!

After we get up into the house, THEN the other cats greet us. Zorro, Snickers & Dusty always rub legs & give kisses & purr us a big Hello.

But Hammie, he's our official Doorman. Uh, Doorcat.

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The boys yes, I get the big hello when I get home- although admittedly it's hello, great to see you, FEED us.... the girls, I'm lucky if they wake up!
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My kitten greets me at the door too. He our only cat, so Luke does it because he gets bored while Im at work. No one to play with
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